Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ocean Suns

Tank:  Consigned at Periwinkle (LOFT) / Cardi: Urban Outfitters / Pants: Macy's (Unionbay) / Shoes: Express / Hat: J Crew final sale

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day! I'm so grateful for the men and women who serve our country, and for the families they leave behind. I can't imagine the Husband leaving me for months to years to face danger. I was a tearful mess when we spent a mere 5 danger-free weeks apart a few summers ago. Thank you, thank you, brave military members and families.

We took a little holiday to the coast for the extended weekend. The coast out here is very different from the beaches of the Eastern seaboard. Out East, you go to "the beach" to bask in the sun, play games in the sand, and cool off in the water. Their beaches are uncomfortably packed Memorial Day weekend. Out here in the Pacific Northwest, you go to "the coast" to explore breathtaking cliffs, sea lion caves, and delightful tide pools. You enjoy the sound of the crashing waves from the shore, because it's far too cold to actually get in the water at this time of year, unless you're in a wetsuit. These beaches are not at all crowded.

My favorite difference, however, involves the sun. I'm certainly no early bird, so I rarely got up in time to enjoy a sunrise over the Atlantic. But out here we get spectacular Pacific sunsets and I'm always awake to enjoy them. And this time we were lucky enough to get switched to a room with a full ocean front view, because they double booked our original room.

The first night we arrived in Yachats just in time to take some photos while the sun dipped below a horizon of foamy waves, then watch the pearly pink aftermath from a comfortable bed. Absolutely marvelous. So is sleeping with the door to the deck cracked, letting the waves lull you to sleep...Ah, la mer. Je t'aime*.

P.S. Linked up here at No Model Lady's All-Dressed Up Party! This is the most dressed up I've ever gotten for a trip to the coast. I'll tell you why tomorrow :)
*la mer = the ocean; Je t'aime = I love you

Friday, May 27, 2011

Francophone Friday: Oh là là

  Skirt, Bangles: France (Jacqueline Riu, beach town trinket shop) / Top: Charlotte Russe / Shoes: Buckle clearance ($7!) /  Necklace: J Crew Factory / Earrings: Gabes (Monet) / Headband: Nordstrom (Gift from super sweet Mother in Law!)

I'm starting a new series called Francophone Fridays. You can check it out here, where I explain it and will link up the posts. In essence, I'm featuring outfits with a piece from France and some little tid-bit à la français.

I decided to start with the phrase oh là là, since I use it so frequently :) See here and here, for example.

Ooh là là {notice the double o; it's important} is actually an English misspelling/ mispronunciation of the French phrase Oh là là {with one o}, which actually translates to Oh dear, Oh my, or Oh no! As Madame Lawless explains it here, "it can indicate surprise, disappointment, commiseration, distress, annoyance... any moderately strong reaction to something" and "can be strengthened with additional s, always in pairs."

I heard my French host mom use the phrase with many là làs for various purposes: when she couldn't find her keys, when something spilled, when her son wasn't fast enough to set the table, when her kittens got into mischief, when she saw a pretty piece of jewelry in a shop {and again when she saw the price }, etc.

In English, where we say Ooh instead of Oh, it's more commonly used to express Oh wow! or to talk about something risque. We tend to take foreign phrases/expressions and make them our own.

So Frenchify your diction this weekend and take one of the many opportunities that are bound to come your way to exclaim, in your best Frenchy accent, Oh là là! Feel free to draw out that final or tack on a few more là làs, then follow it up with a grandiose eye roll.  And voilà, your life will be complete! Or just feel more a bit more cultured. Either way, I promise it'll be fun :)

P.S. Post linked up here at Frenchy's French Obsession Party!



This post was featured for the French Obsession Party! Merci mille fois*, Frenchy!
*Merci mille fois = Thanks a million

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: A Crêpe Fail & Spa Night

Blouse: Consigned at Periwinkle (Gap) / Cardi: NY & Co / Pants: Old Navy / Necklace: Piperlime (Hive & Honey) / Headband: J Crew Factory clearance / Lip and Body Scrubs: Homemade :)

Awkward / Maladroit*:

- Not getting all the baby powder out of my hair when substituting it for shampooing. Then having students ask how old I am and whether I dye my hair. Seriously?! Seriously.
- The fact that it's cold again. And it's almost June. June!
- This whole last word repetition thing I have going on. 
- Being beyond excited to find a café advertising crêpes and going in to order a crêpe in my best French accent only to be greeted with a blank stare. Then trying again, repeatedly, worrying I didn't get the r just right {they're difficult, people!}, or maybe the lady is hard of hearing. Then the Husband laughs, pokes me, and says, "She wants a 'crape'." This, she understands. Then tells me they no longer sell them. To which I give her my best evil eye for advertising both something they don't have {in big letters on the window, nonetheless} and can't properly pronounce, or at least recognize when properly pronounced {It's more like 'crep.' The Husband informs me this is very snobby to use in the U.S.}
- The fact that my evil eye = a quick smile and thank you. I'm such a wimp. But you'd better believe my eyes shot fire at that "crêpes" sign as we left. I did suggest they remove it. I like to think I used an icy tone, too.
-The Husband teasing me about this for the rest of my life, and using it as a funny story when one of those inevitable10-second lulls in conversation occur. I hear they occur approximately every 8 minutes. Endless opportunities for him to sneak it in there. And to practice his over-exaggeration of those wretched rs as he reenacts my pronunciation of crêpe. Turns out, my evil eye's not so bad when I'm using it on him.

Awesome / Génial*:

- After 4 years of trying baby powder instead of shampooing on alternate days, in attempt to convince my head to produce less oil, I can finally skip the powder if I wear my hair up or out of my face with a headband and don't touch it. It's slow progress, but it's progress!
- The weekend getaway we have planned to the coast. Love, love, love.
- My new stripey thrifted blouse. It's flowy and pretty and nautical. Bien fait*, blouse.
- SPA NIGHT! Last night we hosted Spa Night for our girlies in Mutual. We made honey apple facial masks, basil face toner, strawberry sea salt body scrub, avocado hand and foot softener, sugared peppermint lip scrub, and more! We put cucumbers on our eyes, used super soft  towels and bottles of water, and pampered our feet with a bubble bath. Wowza. That's all I can say. Especially for the strawberry and avocado goods. Way better than Satin Hands. I could've rubbed it on my hands all night. I did take home the remainder to use in the tub, along with some of the lip scrub. I've a romantic weekend getaway coming up, after all ;)
- Completing my very first Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Hourra!*

*Maladroit = Awkward; Génial = Awesome; Bien fait! = Well done!; Hourra! = Hooray!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Double Dots

Skirt: F21 ($12) / Top: H&M / Cardi: Gabes (NY & Co, $5!) / Tights: Kohls clearance / Heels: Sears clearance / Headband: Fred Meyer

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

Meanwhile, I'm wearing a double dose of dots. Remember back at the very beginning, when I was scouring my closet for something to wear on Dot Day, desperately wishing for more dots? Well, these days there's no shortage of dots in my life, that's for sure. Yesterday I confiscated three of them. My students have begun using Dots as weapons between classes. They're hard as rocks, from what they tell me. One kid even wanted ice for his Dot-affected hand, claiming he couldn't write. They always want ice. It's the new thing, evidently. Dots and ice. Whatever happened to Junior Mints and Ace bandages? That's what I remember from my bell ringer days. Sneaking Junior Mints in class and wrapping an Ace bandage around any lightly bumped limb.

Times may change, but the intent is still the same: Get a sugar high, seek attention, and elicit sympathy. With hopes of avoiding some work, too, of course. At least Junior Mints couldn't leave bruises and Ace bandages didn't drip water everywhere.

P.S. Don't let la dot fool you in French. It's a faux ami* and means dowry, not polka dot. Best be careful with that one; you could end up with a goat rather than a polka dotted blouse :)

P.P.S Linked up here at my friend Tiff's cute party {dots are cute, are they not?} and here at the Pleated Poppy!

*faux ami = false friend { It looks like a nice, easy, friendly cognate. But it's trickery, because it isn't at all! }

Monday, May 23, 2011

Edel Window Shopping

Edel Window Shopping
Remember this post about the Edelweiss by Sarah contest to win the Luther? Well, I've finally completed my second storyboard entry.  Last time I went waaaaaaay over the top with Louboutin heels, a clutch and jacket priced over a grand each (!), and diamond earrings so expensive I can't even bring myself to type the figure. I haven't become Queen or found any secret documents identifying the Husband as a prince since then, so for this round I decided to be realistic.

I entitled it "Edel Window Shopping" because I'm an English nerd like that {Idle, Edel-weiss...get it? No? Darn...} and because at the moment, all I'm doing is window shopping for these lovelies. But if I were to win the Luther, I'd celebrate by buying myself those darling brogues, the rose earrings, and some rouge for my lips. I might even be so excited I'd spring for the pricey clutch. I love the color it adds. And I'd definitely hope to find them all in one place in such an shabby chic shop.

But I'd settle for the internet :)  Wish me bonne chance*!

Edel Window Shopping by Rue Ceri 

*Bonne chance = Good luck!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Springtime Confession

Top, Tank, Belt: J Crew final sale / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Express / Bracelets: France / Earrings: Gabes (Monet)

I've got a bit of an addiction to J. Crew's final sale. Especially when you get to take an extra 40% off. And end up with paisley and matte sequins. That's better than my birthday. Loads better. Which doesn't speak volumes for my birthday, I suppose. Though last year I did get darling flats from my fashion savvy mother-in-law. Perhaps one day I'll get a party, too. Till then, I'm happy with shoes, sales, and free shipping codes.

It's warm again! AND today was the first 3rd Thursday of the year, a fun party our little town hosts on Main Street. The street's closed off to cars, little shops have sales, vendors sell crafts and yummy food, performers sing and dance, and there are art and car exhibits. It provides an excellent date night venue for the Husband, me, and our Hound. The Hound was particularly excited. She hams it up and gets lots of attention at 3rd Thursdays. And ice cream, since there's inevitably some poor kid that's lost his top scoop. An unfortunate child's loss is a lucky hound's gain. Unless she steals it. Like she stole a Twizzler from my friend's 3 year old last winter. Nicked it right out of her hand as she walked by. Then she's just a naughty hound.

Who, me? 

Joyeaux Printemps!

Joyeaux Printemps = Happy Springtime!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh Snap

Cardi: LOFT clearance / Blouse: Gap ($8!) / Jeans: Ross (xoxo) / Shoes: Blowfish / Necklace: AE

As in cold snap, that is. It snowed again Sunday. Not quite like you see in these photos. I wanted to emphasize the drama of snow in May, so I used pre-blogging practice shots from February. Or I've just been lazy on outfit photos... It's could really go either way. But if dear old Jack Frost kills our beautiful blossoms and we don't get fruit again this year, I'm going to be sending out some curses {classy, I know}.

On a brighter note, Sunday I also made the best falafels. The recipe is here, but I made quite a few changes: add an extra 1/2 can of chickpeas {or whole can if you double the recipe as I did}; dice the onion, garlic, and parsley before pureeing; add an extra egg; double the spices and garlic; make smaller patties, then bake on a foil lined baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray at 400 F for 11-12 minutes, then flip and bake for another 4-5 minutes. I didn't change the cucumber sauce except to use low-fat mayo. It's delish. Enjoy with whole wheat pitas, cherry tomatoes, feta, and a salad of fresh greens tossed with lemon juice, vinegar, salt and pepper :)  A double recipe made enough for 6 with leftovers for lunches.

If you're wondering what's up with the non-Frenchy recipe, never fear. I love my French cuisine. In fact, I had my first Francophone Friday post, complete with a double dish on a delightful recipe and the nuances of the phrase oh là là all set to go till Blogger freaked. But no worries. This summer I'm going to Julia Child it all over up in this blogosphere. So let visions of chocolate mousses, ratatouilles, and delectable tartes and crêpes dance in your head while you attend avec impatience.*

*attend avec impatience = wait impatiently / excitedly :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

À Mon Mari

At 9:00 a.m. on a lovely spring day in Washington, D.C. this man became my husband. At 1:00 a.m. this morning he went to make copies for me when our printer tanked and I wasn't ready for school. At 2:30 a.m. last year he ran to the store after I ran out of eggs for delicious roulades au chocolat and mini crèmes brûlée for French food day. {Despite the fact that we do not live in town, and he had to be at work by 8:00 a.m. both mornings.} He never fails me through meltdowns, through fits, through life's many ups and downs, and through all those photos you see. He uplifts me when I'm down and sometimes brings me flowers for no reason at all. I'm one lucky procrastinating damsel in distress. Otherwise, I'm just a lucky sap who couldn't resist it when this came to mind:

My hair is red
My eyes are blue
My heart belongs
Only to you ♥

Joyeaux anniversaire, mon chèr.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Floral Edge

  Silk skirt: Gabes (Express) /Top: F21 / Shoes: Zappos (Blowfish) / Necklace: Gabes (1928) / Bracelet: NY & Co / Earrings: AE / Belt: Ruche

I'm love, love, loving the floral trend this spring. When I came across this charming little laundry room, I suddenly knew just what to pair with that silk skirt I snagged for $12 years ago but rarely wore because I didn't know how to dress it. I went with more traditional floral looks here and here, so for Everybody, Everywear's floral challenge, I decided an edgier look was in order. I think my edgy attempt worked. After our little photo shoot on the mountain, the Husband and I went shopping and our cashier commented that we didn't look like we were from around here. I suppose I did stick out a bit in this ranch town. These wedges put me at 6". We asked him to guess where we came from and he said, "It'd have to be California." Ha! So very far off, my friend. I love it.

Meanwhile, if you've ever thought of investing in those derrière-enhancing pads { I once had a housemate while living in FL that did...}, I suggest you try a circle skirt with a bit o' wind instead.  It can even give you that perfect 1860s backside poof without the hassle of bustles, hoops, and petticoats. Quelle bonne affaire!*

P.S. The Husband's decided since he's going to be my personal photographer, he's going to direct as well. He insisted I make a fool of myself on this rock, saying in his worst French accent, "make love to zee cam-air-uh." Oh là là*...

Au revoir!

Florals | Everybody, Everywear
*Quelle bonne affaire! = What a deal! ; Oh là là = Oh my

Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding Wear

Dress: Ross (BCBG) / Peek-a-Boo Slip: Vintage Hem / Shoes: Ross (Kenneth Cole) / Necklace: J Crew Factory clearance / Braclets: France / Clutch: Gabes (Ann Taylor) / Cheesy poses: c/o public photo embarrassment...seriously, like 3 girls walked in while we were taking these, then everyone was looking as the Husband and I returned. Fabulous.

I just scored this BCBG dress for $15 at Ross. I may have also purchased it in brown. I really have to stop doing that. But it's like wearing liquid silk. So that justifies two of the same dresses, right?

Since we've moved out West, we've made some wonderful friends and recently saw two of them tie the knot! I try to minimize photos with others to protect their privacy and/or potential blog phobias, but couldn't help but slip in a few shots with the lovely bride and some new friends. Her family is delightful. Her sister also has a French degree. And we were wearing the same shoes. And we both considered other shoes first. And we got them at the same store in different cities. And we're obsessed with Austen and the Brontës. And she was wearing a fabulous thrifted dress. {Des clous!? Ouais, c'est vrai!*.... } She, her sister-in-law, and I were les trois mousquetaires* of the night and had a smashing time together :)

And the lovely bride was radiant and elegant. I'm so happy to have her for a friend!

As you see, I didn't get to wear my English garden wedding outfit, but the vintage feel of this darlingly quirky ballroom was every bit as fun!

For my dress, I cut off the lace hem of an old tank and pinned it to my bra to help that dangerously low V without the bother of the tank itself. And since the Husband strongly dislikes empire waists {remember?}, I tied the sash in the front to give it some shape. That's right. I can be thrifty and crafty and daring. Bam. And tomorrow I might just make more cupcakes. The Julia Child within has been inspired by a certain lemon poppy-seed wedding cake with raspberry filling. Miam miam*!

P.S. I made the Husband go into the ladies room with me for those photos up top. Their powder room was irresistibly fanciful. We tried to be sneaky, but of course someone noticed and suddenly there were lots of 'yeah baby's snickered our way. To which he held up his camera and nodded dutifully. And I turned far redder than my hair and vowed never to be photographed in public again. Especially since we aren't very good photographers and take forever in low light...

P.P.S. Linked up here for Rule Breaking Monday! I've always wanted to try that sash tied in the front, but never did because of the inverted V.  I finally decided what they hey and broke my rule :)

*Des Clous!? = No way;  Ouais, c'est vrai = Yep, it's true!;  les trois mousquetaires = the 3 musketeers {originally written in French!}; Miam miam = yum yum!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Blooming Florals!

Top: J Crew Factory clearance / Cardi: J Crew final sale / Pants: Gap / Shoes: Wal Mart /Necklace: Ruche / Bracelet: Handmade

The trees are starting to bloom! The trees are starting to bloom! Hi-ho the derry-o, the trees are starting to bloom!  Can you tell I'm just a teensy bit excited about these buds and blossoms? They're finally arriving. Finally! I was set to go mad if I had to stare at dead trees much longer. I wore a fun floral print to celebrate. With a cardi. It's still not super warm yet, but it is the first time the toesies have been exposed this year {I've cheated and worn nude pantyhose till now. Ha! Had you fooled, didn't I? It's cold here, people!} They were pretty perturbed that I didn't gussy them up first. Especially since they're going to a wedding tomorrow. But I've got some new eucalyptus spearmint Epsom salts for them to enjoy tonight, so I think they'll be all right.

P.S. The Gap bested me with these pants. I was ecstatic to get them for $8 from the clearance rack (extra 40% off clearing going on right now!) but that quickly wore off after I spent entirely too long trying to roll them just so for that perfect, tapered look. Kind of defeats the point of effortless chic, eh? And I'm not even convinced I got it quite right. They're also super wrinkled.  Bah, tant pis.* 
*tant pis = oh well / too bad

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vintage & Cupcakes

   Dress: Thrifted at Annie Cream Cheese (J Crew)  / Heels: Sears clearance / Cardigan: Gabes (Express) / Necklace: France Vintage

Seven for Spring Break

1.  The Husband didn't get to come. Why doesn't everyone get a spring break? Why?
2.  I didn't relax on an East coast beach, like in my college days.  
     Oh, how I miss you, Ocean City, Chincoteague, OBX, Myrtle, Hilton Head, Cocoa, etc...
3.  I did enjoy old musicals with my mom and National Geographic with my dad.  
     Who can resist Doris Day and sea critters?
4.  I didn't take advantage of the hot-tub in my sister's new home. T'es dingue*, Cassandra! Dingue!
5.  I did teach my cousins to play Settlers of Catan. I didn't win.
6.  I did take a road trip with my bro and shop with my sisters. I've got 3! Isn't that fun?!
7.  I did stay 3 days in DC with my adorably preggo cousin where we enjoyed vintage and cupcakes!

Per the title, this post is about lucky number 7. My brother and I, the rogue westerners of the family, planned our trip home together and headed to our cousin's place in DC first. We chatted till the wee hours catching up and reminiscing the old days playing police with the food storage in our grandparents' basement {You know, where patrolling police throw citizens in the prison under the stairs unless they've gathered sufficient nutritional content for their doll family. Oh, you don't know? It's great fun.}

We explored the city, dined at Bertucci's in Old Town Alexandria and Bistrot du Coin in in Dupont Circle, {highly recommend both}, met up with mutual friends {Great to see you, Steph!}, and chatted up pregnancy while riding the Metro. I relished in the warm weather and city atmosphere {it makes me feel alive} and feasted on visions of popcorn and cherry blossoms, green hills and deciduous trees.

But best of all, we went on an expedition for vintage and cupcakes in Georgetown. Ah, Georgetown. How I've dreamed of living in an apartment above a quaint shop with wrought iron and potted flowers around my windows, tucked amongst twinkling lights, pastel hotels, elegant, artsy, and funky shops and eateries, and 3-story brick homes with private, blooming gardens.

Our first stop was supposed to be Georgetown Cupcake, also known as DC Cupcakes on their TLC show. But on our way, we came to an Annie Cream Cheese! Eeeeeeee! Cream cheese is the perfect name, because it's decadent, rich, and scrumptious. Just like the vintage apparel found in this little gem of a boutique.

I was on Cloud 9, I tell you. Fancy schmancy to the extreme vintage jewels and hats, glitzy dresses, shoes, scarves, and even unders in form of bustiers and petticoats! I so badly wanted to have a place to which I could appropriately wear these lovelies! The only part that wasn't so fabulous was the prices. We're talking vintage couture here, which translates to prices in the hundreds, even several hundreds. So after a brief  peek at the designer duds, and an illegal photo {we didn't see the sign till after...and please pardon my plastered hair...}

...we moved on to the more modestly priced, non-designer pieces. We're still talking up to $100, with pieces old and newer. Lots of polka dots, ruffles, taffeta, and lace. My mission was to find something {I simply had to find something} under $20. At the last minute I found the dress I'm wearing in the photo up top and below for $15. It had just a small problem. It was petite and featured a side zip that I couldn't zip the last few inches over my ribs! Sucking in only made it worse. But I said "To Hades with you, petite waist" and bought it. It's from Annie Cream Cheese, people! I was hoping a cardi would hide my zipper issue.  I think it worked spectacularly!

While we fawned over the vintage, my bro got in line at DC Cupcakes. We thus commenced our cupcake tour. After D.C.'s, we hit up Baked & Wired, a new hot spot in town, and Sprinkles, which originated in Beverly Hills as the world's first cupcake bakery. One had recently opened where my brother lives in Cali and he'd waited 2 hours to get cupcakes for his girlfriend. The one here had been open a week, and we, fortunately, didn't wait long at all. Here's the breakdown of our Delectable Cupcake Tour:

Georgetown (DC) Cupcakes:  We got Pumpkin Spice, Ringling Brother's Red Velvet, and Key Lime. Best: Key Lime. Cost: $2.50 each. Size: Small. Aura: Fluffy. Evidence: Lots of pink; fresh flowers on tables.

Baked & Wired: We got Strawberry, German Chocolate, and Menage à Trois (chocolate, cream cheese, & raspberry). My fav: Strawberry. Cost: $3.00 each. Size: Large. Aura: Funky. Evidence: The chocolate peanut butter cupcake I photographed for the Husband, who'd appreciate the flavor and name play:

Sprinkles: We got Chocolate Banana, Coconut, and Vanilla Milk Chocolate. Favorite: Coconut. Cost: $3.50 each. Size: Medium. Aura: Hollywood green. Evidence: Classy decor; natural ingredients & vegan options.

I recommend all 3 establishments for the experience. Baked & Wired, however, won my heart, or rather, my taste-buds. Theirs was the largest, the cake was dense and moist, and the icing was confection perfection. Sprinkles was second, only because they were pricier and a bit smaller. Georgetown/DC was definitely third. Their cakes were rather dry and the taste just didn't knock my socks off.

There's an also a cupcake bakery at the National Harbor and we saw another in Dupont Circle. DC's been hit hard with the cupcake fad, and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest. I'm already planning cupcakes into my next visit to meet the baby.

As we strolled down M street, checking out the vintage and cupcakes, we came across a thrift shop called Second Time Around that looked promising {ie: in my price range.} I got a springy baby-blue tweed skirt and flowery wrap skirt for $15 total, which I'll feature later since this post is already tantamount to Les Mis in length.

My new dream in life: To own a vintage thrift shoppe {spelled just so} with a cupcake bakery, selling vintage named cupcakes. Can't you just taste the Strawberry Chantilly, Lemon Seersucker, Pinup Poppy Seed, Antiqued Pumpkin, Crêpe de Chine Salted Caramel, and Rustic Red Velvet now? I'd also like to offer a styling service within my shop. And make lots of money, so the Husband can go on spring breaks with me. And so we can travel the world. Extensively. And pay for our hound to ride in the plane's cabin with us {she was traumatized after her first flight in cargo, and we won't be doing that again.} There, is that so much to ask for? ;)

Oh, how I miss living near D.C. and springtime back East! One day, when the Husband and I are old and withered, perhaps we'll live in Georgetown for a bit. We'll ride bicycles with wicker baskets to the market. We'll grow vegetables from a little garden. We'll wear vintage and eat decadent, frivolous cupcakes every single day.

Meanwhile, I've got to stop making cupcakes. I made strawberry champagne almond cupcakes twice last week {recipe here, but substitute natural applesauce for oil, instead of 3 egg whites use 2 whole eggs and 1 tbsp milled flaxseed + 3 tbsp water, add 1 cup of ground almonds to batter, use strawberry champagne instead of red, and for the frosting use almond extract instead of vanilla and only 3 cups of sugar.} I've had cupcakes for breakfast and lunch far too many days in a row to admit to...

P.S. Post linked here at Tiff's cute party and here for All Dressed Up!
*T'es dingue = You're crazy!
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