Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Floral Edge

  Silk skirt: Gabes (Express) /Top: F21 / Shoes: Zappos (Blowfish) / Necklace: Gabes (1928) / Bracelet: NY & Co / Earrings: AE / Belt: Ruche

I'm love, love, loving the floral trend this spring. When I came across this charming little laundry room, I suddenly knew just what to pair with that silk skirt I snagged for $12 years ago but rarely wore because I didn't know how to dress it. I went with more traditional floral looks here and here, so for Everybody, Everywear's floral challenge, I decided an edgier look was in order. I think my edgy attempt worked. After our little photo shoot on the mountain, the Husband and I went shopping and our cashier commented that we didn't look like we were from around here. I suppose I did stick out a bit in this ranch town. These wedges put me at 6". We asked him to guess where we came from and he said, "It'd have to be California." Ha! So very far off, my friend. I love it.

Meanwhile, if you've ever thought of investing in those derrière-enhancing pads { I once had a housemate while living in FL that did...}, I suggest you try a circle skirt with a bit o' wind instead.  It can even give you that perfect 1860s backside poof without the hassle of bustles, hoops, and petticoats. Quelle bonne affaire!*

P.S. The Husband's decided since he's going to be my personal photographer, he's going to direct as well. He insisted I make a fool of myself on this rock, saying in his worst French accent, "make love to zee cam-air-uh." Oh là là*...

Au revoir!

Florals | Everybody, Everywear
*Quelle bonne affaire! = What a deal! ; Oh là là = Oh my


two birds said...

i love the colors of the skirt! and no, i have never looked for anything that would make my butt look bigger! =)

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

I chose to wear stripes with my florals too u look great!

alicatstrut said...

I love the stripes with it. They're the exact right size to complement the floral print.

L'accent de votre fotog - tres amusant! (Pardon ma grammaire. Je jamais practiquais. I think it shows, haha.)

Salazar said...

Love this! Stripes and floral always work so well together.

14 Shades Of Grey

caramelchica said...

really digging the stripes with the floral print! LOL at the rock

Izabela said...

I love it. That is such a perfect combination!

I remember when that skirt came out at Express and I wanted it so badly, and now, I want it even more!

Anonymous said...

great outfit

Santina said...

Love how you paired stripes with your florals for EBEW!

My boyfriend takes all of my photos, and he, too, likes to say ridiculous things as he shoots. At least it brings out genuine smiles even if I don't follow his "direction"!


Shelly said...

I heart stripes + floral!


Cathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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