Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Blossoms

Dress: B Moss / Cardi: Elder Beerman / Tights: Kohls clearance / Shoes: Target clearance / Necklace: Inherited from Grandma / Earrings: NY & Co / Bracelet: Made by Yours Truly, not that you can really see the jewelry...

Today, the Husband and I had our own little Easter. First we went to church, where I got to hear him speak about the last week of the Savior's life. I love hearing him speak; he's so eloquent it makes me a teensy weensy bit jealous. I figure that's okay since it also makes me love him even more. We visited friends, we hosted a spontaneous play date with the cutest, bounciest puppy for our hound, we made balsamic glazed salmon and edamame and marble cake with my Grandma's fluffy chocolate frosting and strawberries on top, and we delved into the Easter basket full of goodies {Utah truffles, anyone? They're divine} from my super sweet mother-in-law.

I wore my springiest dress full of blossoms. The neighborhood is now decorated with flowers that have sprung up despite the cold and wind. The trees still haven't bloomed, but I'm hoping once they got sight of this dress they were so bitterly jealous that they decided tomorrow's their big day.  And they're going to go all out to beat my dress in loveliness and since they've been preparing for so extra long this year, they'll be even more beautiful than ever. And it will scare the cold right out of here. And my life will be full of warm, green happiness. Fingers crossed!

Joyeuses Pâques!*

Post linked up here for What I Wore Wednesday and  here for Rule Breaking Monday! When I was a young Brownie, an Avon lady gave my troupe makeovers. Everyone got pink lipstick, except me. I was devastated. She said red heads must absolutely avoid reds, especially pink. She gave me orange instead. 80s orange lipstick. Yeah, much better, lady. I shamefully avoided reds the next few years before rebelliously overcompensating with hot pink capris. By now, however, I like to think I've showed her who's the color boss and that redheads can tastefully wear reds and pinks. I've even dared wear red lipstick a time or two. Like in my last post, for example. Ha! Take that, misguided pink-monger Avon lady!

*Joyeuses Pâques = Happy Easter!


siouxzy said...

Oh I love that look!


Gorgeous, love the colours in the dress and that pattern is SO pretty. I'm loving that you paired the dress with the jeweled tights too -lovely!! Sounds like you had a fantastic Easter, yay for puppies, husbands, and homemade cake. xo veronika

Meredith said...

oooh la la, love the tights! and yay for yummy desserts:)

Cassi said...

Thank you! I have a fetish for tights, and these jewel tones were just what I needed for spring. It's good to know others approve!

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