Thursday, April 28, 2011

Introducing Lady Iris Copperfield of Cherry Tree Lane

 Dress Suit: Thrifted / Top: Gabes (Express) / Tights:  TJ Maxx / Shoes: Maurices

That's my British Royal Wedding moniker.

Lady Iris Copperfield certainly sounds like the type of person who'd, at the very least, host a British tea party to commemorate the grand event. Complete with scones served with Devonshire cream and jam, treacle tarts, and faux diamond tiaras. Wills and Kate are my generation, after all, and what young Cinderella lover hasn't dreamed of being the commoner turned princess?

If I were to throw my fanciful fête, this is most certainly what I'd wear. With pearls, of course. It's the closest I have to British "morning dress." We'll just say my lord is kindly holding my gloves and bejeweled topper.

I got this suit from a little hole-in-the-wall shop carrying Bay-area estate sale finds. Just before leaving empty-handed, a flash of canary caught my eye from behind musty old blazers. And suddenly there it was. Precisely my size, for a mere 7 dollars. I kid not. I'm positively giddy at the possibilities this darling suit presents: a dark wig and big sunglasses as Jackie O for dress up days, summer picnics and croquet, afternoon spring weddings with sparkly jewels and feathers in a structured hat, polo tournaments followed by crumpets and tea with the Queen. Okay, so maybe I got a bit carried away with that last one. And maybe I don't have any afternoon spring wedding invitations to which I could wear it either. I certainly wasn't invited to the royal wedding, obviously. But I could wear it, were the opportunity to arise, and in top stylish form!

Considering Halloween's months away and it's still rather cold for picnics and croquet, I just took it for quick stroll by the lake. I will, mind you, wear it to some elegant fête* by the end of the summer. I may even find that perfect chapeau paré de bijoux* to go with it. You hold me to it.

Since I'm unfortunately not Lady Iris, and am not cool enough to actually have my tea party, I linked up here at my friend Tiffany's cute party and here for What I Wore {or would have worn...} Wednesday!

P.S. Name games are fun, but they're clever, too. For the love of frivolity, please never use real information you'd use for a security question.

P.P.S. Check out this swoon-worthy bit about British royal wedding gowns. I can't wait to see Kate's gown. And yes, I am watching it live. Since I live on the West Coast, this means I'll be staying up all night, rather than getting up early. If an exam is worth an all nighter, a fairy tale certainly is!
*fête = party ; chapeau paré de bijoux = bejeweled hat


Shannon Olson said...

Hi, I found you on Making the World Cuter, I also dreamed of marrying Prince William, your outfit looks like it could easily be worn to a wedding!

siouxzy said...

I love the colors.

Cassi said...

Thank you, ladies!

Sara said...

LOVE! How fun --- I wish I had such a shiny fabulous outfit to play along.

The colors go smashingly with your hair <3


Cassi said...

Sara- I LOVE that you said "smashingly!"

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