Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What to Wear to an Oscar Party...I Don't Really Know

 Skirt: ModCloth / Top: Ross / Shoes: DownEast (J Crew) / Belt, Headband: J Crew final sale / Necklace: Bluefly / Bracelets: Gift, J Crew final sale

ModCloth is one of my favorite online shops, but they can be pricey. So when I found this skirt in their sale section for $13, my socks were knocked waaaaaay off. Seriously, sock knocked offageness. It's a big deal. I was so excited that I got not one, but two maxi skirts and a sweater. They've got a mad-crazy sale going on right now.

When asked what I'd wear to this year's Oscars if I were going, I replied with sparkly mint. Minutes later, Bérénice appeared on the red carpet, and home-girl backed me up. { I can always count on the Frenchies... though I was picturing more of a minty version of this. } As I have no mint in my closet yet-- a travesty for spring, I know-- what you see above is what I planned to wear to my friend's Oscar-watching party on Sunday. {At least my color scheme got some red-carpet love...see here and here and here and here, too.}

It felt a bit fancy, so for church, I added a blazer, ditched the necklace, and changed to black shoes.

 Skirt: ModCloth / Top, Shoes: Ross / Blazer: Thrifted Ann Taylor / Belt, Headband: J Crew final sale

Then, after church and dinner, I changed back to the original outfit.

Then, when it was time to go, I realized I would be the most over-dressed. I knew this all along, actually. I tried to deny it.

So, I chickened out.

And I modified it to this more casual outfit:

 Skirt: ModCloth / Cardigan: Banana Republic sale / Shoes: Thrifted Sofft

Everyone else was in pajamas.

I know.

At least I had a fun, swirly skirt to wear, which I hesitantly purchased for $13 but am quite please with, considering its versatility. And it was every bit as comfy as pjs. And my French favorite swept the show, so I was trés contente*.

P.S. I'm playing Queen Victoria and hosting a Victorian Tea this Friday for my seniors, their parents, and the board. Complete with presentations on etiquette, Victorian costumes for my ladies, steam-punk attire and top hats for the gents, Victorian treats { scones, jam, lemon curd, gingerbread, tiny sandwiches, tea-punch, lemonade, etc.} and vintage tea sets. Can I tell you how many times I've been to Goodwill this week? No. I cannot. Because I'm too tired to count that high right now. But our community coordinator even found a vintage French lace dress and hat for yours truly. AND she offered to do my hair.  In case you haven't noticed, the fashion police would be all over my lackluster locks if I really had walked the red carpet. I have no patience for my hair. So it might just all be worth it.

If I survive, I'll have some fun photos to share!

P.P.S. Happy Leap Day! One of my best students happily told everyone he was 4 today, and we got our first real blizzard of the winter.


 *trés contente = very content

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hound Adventures

Skirt: Old Navy / Chambray: Gap / Sweater: AE / Tights: We Love Colors / Shoes: Asos / Necklaces: F21, Piperlime / Belt: From a Threadcase dress

That's an awkward little pose there on the right, isn't it? Not that there's very much that's not awkward about taking your own photo. It's been staying light longer, so I've been able to snap a few photos if I get home from school early enough, and I really wanted to get a picture with this sweater. I picked it up for $9 from American Eagle. They're having an excellent end-of-winter sale going on right now. Since winter still has several months to go in my neck of the woods, it's perfect timing. 

As I took these shots, the Hound was watching ever so mournfully from the living room windows. Sometimes, when we're in a mischievous mood, the Husband and I will play a little game with her from this deck. I set her on our bed and tell her to sit while Scott traipses through the back yard to our neighbor's, which just so happens to be rabbit-land, bordered by a big hill.

Slurpee waits with her ears cocked, perched and ready to fly on command. She trembles with excitement and begins a low whine. When Scott sends the signal that he's ready, I open the sliding-glass door while commanding Slurp to "stay." Then, after she's proven what a good little obedient Hound she can be, I say, "Go get 'em!"

And this is the moment for which she lives. She flies out the door, leaps off the deck in one heroic bound, and, nose to the ground, zooms straight to bunny heaven, her tail cutting circles wildly. Pretty soon the yipping howls start, and I chase after her.

We let her have some fun before we catch her, as long as she steers clear of the hills { which have led to hours of search in the past, including a hitch-hiking incident for me...} Catching her requires us to corner and tackle her. All obedience flies right out the window when she's on a trail. As the Husband hauls her back home under one arm, her tail helicoptering behind them, she has the biggest doggie smile on her face you've ever seen. Utterly contended with her run, she plops onto the floor and waits for a treat.

And that, friends, is how the Hound gets her supervised adventures. Now the only problem is that anytime we want to use that deck, she thinks she's getting an adventure, so I have to lock her out of the room lest she streak out after a rabbit. Her obedience only lasts if someone's looking directly at her. We've clearly trained her well, that one.

P.S. Are you watching the Academy Awards tonight? I'm rooting for The Artist-- we just saw it last night and it was absolument merveilleux.* Midnight in Paris is another favorite, of course, but it's just not on that level for me. I'm going to an Oscar party, so I've got to find something fun to wear...


*absolument merveilleux = absolutely marvelous { of course }

Monday, February 20, 2012

Copycat Fashion

Dress: Romy ($7!) / Cardi: Old Navy / Shoes: Target / Necklace: F21 / Bracelets: J Crew final sale / Watch: Fossil

That's right, I got this dress for $7. Romy { not online-- sorry } pretty much always has some sort of amazing sale going on. I may even have gotten it in the next size up. It would make a perfect maternity dress when the time comes, no?

Last Friday, when I was supposed to be checking the weather for our holiday trip to the coast, I came across this cute little blog, two birds, and their "Inspiration Monday" feature. Today's feature was to be this classy casual outfit, which I just recently pinned, by SJP, one of my style favorites.

I don't know why the thought to copycat the fabulous outfit didn't occur till a challenge was issued forth. { Could someone please challenge me to a house-cleaning contest? } I already had the perfect dress and cardigan in similar colors. But then I remembered that the cardi was currently on display at a local consignment shop. So Saturday morning, on our way out of town, I stopped by. As luck would have it, it was still there. And just like that, new life was given to a cardigan I almost traded in, and I had a new favorite spring outfit. The Husband loves it when I shop my closet for new outfits.

I thought I'd have to photograph it indoors, what with all the rain we were supposed to get, but fortunately the weatherman was wrong again. It didn't rain till we left today. We enjoyed sunshine and relative warmth all whilst exploring from Brookings up to Port Orford. The little cottage we rented in Nesika Beach offered a lovely view from atop a bluff overlooking the ocean. There's something oddly relaxing about staying in someone else's house. There's also something about having an ocean-front view on a bluff. Which means no one will be walking past your windows, so it's okay to walk around in your unders with the curtains open.

P.S. Despite the empire waist, and my maternity talk up there, I promise I'm not preggo here. Any bumpage is a combination of wind and the morning's oatmeal with cream, berries, almonds, and brown sugar.  No baby.

*Pas encore.

*Pas encore = Not yet

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Date Night

Blouse: Vintage Oleg Cassini / Tank: Thrifted LOFT / Skirt: Express clearance ($13!) / Purse: Express via Gabes / Faux Fur Coat: Consigned at Periwinkle / Shoes: 6pm (TCP) / Watch: Fossil / Bracelets, Belt: J Crew final sale / Earrings: AE

After a few years together, date nights start to blend in with the norm { Yea. It happens...}  This is especially true when you live in the middle of nowhere and your husband rarely consents to ice-skating, which is the only fun feature your town offers. So for Valentine's this year, I put together few fun little date nights...

1. Make some peanut-butter play-dough-- mix PB, confectioner's sugar, dry milk, and honey-- and check out what's new on your favorite funny site. I Can Haz Cheezburger, Failblog, People of Walmart, or one of Ryan Gosling's many "Hey Girl" memes are all valid options { I like the Literary and Feminist versions, but dang. Handmade and Silicone Valley Ryan are a riot. } Use your play-dough to sculpt some of the funnier pictures for pictionary. Then eat them.

2. Take your Hound { any medium dog will do } to the playground. Put her in a kiddie swing and swing her. Pretend not to notice the staring parents of real kids. Then put your Hound down the slide. Clap with glee. Praise her vociferously. And don't forget to snap lots of pictures. Then stop suddenly and race each other to the car. Pick up some fro-yo on the way home and laugh wildly at the pics.

3. Pull a mattress or memory-foam topper in front of the television, make a fort, light a bunch of candles, and watch a favorite movie. Take turns giving massages and camp out for the night. Or for a month, if you're like us.

4. Teach your man how to apply your makeup. Let him make up categories and have his fun. Then have him teach you how to tie a tie. Bonus points for strapping him to the bed.

5. Play Blackjack. Strip Blackjack. You deal. Heh-heh.

Testing has proven these to be quite agreeable :)

 Joyeuse Saint-Valentin!

Pink + Red | Everybody, Everywear

P.S. In honor of St. Valentine, it's Red Day over at Bloggers do it Better and Red & Pink Day over at Everybody, Everywear. Red & pink and I are bffs already, in case you didn't know. We went to school together today { and to church on Sunday-- I can't take outdoor photos on winter school days.}

We also went to school together yesterday and we went to a party this past weekend.

At Christmastime we attended an imaginary soirée together, and last summer we frolicked in a field.

We've even gone to the coast together.

{And tonight we're gonna play #5 with the Husband.}

It's getting serious. 

P.S. Express is having one of their "Take an extra 40% off clearance" sales right now! Could make a fun V-Day gift to yourself. Just sayin'!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Can colors take over your life?

Tank: Thrifted LOFT / Blazer: UO / Skirt: Gabes / Boots: Ugg / Scarf: Asos / Belt: J Crew final sale / Bracelets: DC Street Market, Brighton via Ebay / Watch: Fossil

Yesterday I said I'd planned this outfit to wear to school today, but I woke up to a bunch of drippy wet snow and just wasn't feeling it. So I came up with yet another red and pink outfit.  I've no idea why I feel this is something I have to explain, nor why I felt I had to post pictures of what I really wore. Especially after 10 hours at school. Maybe it's because I have a weird sense that red and pink are taking over my life. Turns out,  I really did wear it every day up to Valentine's.

In other news, I finally received true affirmation of my fashion sense this past week. My blog is henceforth affirmed. In two little words, Miss Sydney here expressed everything one needs to know about Uggs. I still shudder to think about my college days when everyone was wearing them with black leggings.

I did, however, fall victim to their more sensible boots. Like ones that are not only warmly lined but also waterproof with a stylish shape. These have become my snow-day go-to for work. They're perfect for tromping through the snow {  the Husband has this thing where he doesn't believe in shoveling the walk unless we can't get out the front door. I can't blame him. I have a thing where I don't believe in doing laundry till we're out of underwear. }

P. S. After years of experimenting with baby powder, All-Nighter Powder, and every other affordable trick for second day hair, I finally found Suave's spray dry shampoo. It is pure fabulousness in a can. Do you see my second-day hair up there? I've never been able to wear my hair down the day after washing it. This morning I rolled out of bed, sprayed my hair, ran my fingers through it, and went to school. It took all of 2 minutes. Finally, I can guiltlessly snag a few extra minutes of shut-eye and get up feeling like a rock star rather than a grease monkey. Fantastique!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pre-Gaming for Cupid

Dress:  B. Moss / Blouse: Old Navy / Shoes: Ross / Earrings: Gabes (1928) / Silk Scarf: Consigned at Periwinkle / Tights, Bracelets: J Crew final sale / Watch: Fossil / Flowers: Bunco prize!

Valentine's is one of those holidays for which I like to sufficiently pre-game. The entire week leading up to the big day, I wear nothing but red and pink and make all of my food into the shape of hearts. I even make heart shaped Hound-treats. I dress our bed with pink sheets and a red quilt and leave candy hearts on the pillow. I "heart attack" all of my friends { including the ones out East-- impressive, huh? } and I make the Husband watch every Valentine's movie known to man with me. We listen to nothing but love songs in the car and at home.

Just kidding.I don't really do any of those things. I realize I did write an ode to herbal tea in my last post, but I promise I'm not really crazy :)

HOWEVER, I did get sucked into wearing red and pink a few times this year. I planned to go all rebellious with my new tangerine tango blazer over red, but that didn't quite work out as I planned. In classic Cassi style, I sabotaged myself right outta that one.

It all began during our staff meeting last week, when we found out that the meeting we have scheduled for after school tomorrow, the day before V-day, would be recorded. My principal eyed me warily and said I should spill what I intended to wear so I wouldn't show everyone up { I have this thing with dressing fancy, in case you haven't noticed...} I feigned astonishment and cheekily replied that I wear red and pink every day leading up to Valentines, of course. Before I knew it, it was agreed that we'd all wear red and pink.

Then we had our church's Valentine's party this weekend, so I decided to try out the outfit you see above, which I plan to wear to school tomorrow. I mostly wanted to test drive that head-scarf, to see if I can pull off what Kristine makes look so brilliantly effortless.

What do you think? Sorry about the random flowers. They were so pretty and matched so perfectly I couldn't resist...

Then Everybody, Everywear voted on the red and pink combo for their February edition, which happens to fall on Valentine's { I was pushing for faux fur...I just consigned a new coat for $4! } so I'll be decked out in yet another red and pink outfit on Tuesday. 

Looks like my tangerine blazer will just have to attend avec impatience*!


*attend avec impatience = wait patiently

Editor's Note: Evidence that red and pink is still going strong!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Ode to Tea, à la Victorienne

Skirt: Consigned / Blazer: Thrifted / Shoes: Miz Mooz / Tights: TJ Maxx over We Love Colors / Belt: J Crew final sale / Necklace: Gabes (1928) / Bracelets: Gabes, J Crew final sale / Hat: Consigned Vintage at Periwinkle

Chère Tisane,

I think I love you. After a long, hard day, you provide comfort and warmth. You're almost as good as the Husband and the Hound in that department.

My crush began the first time I lived in France. Right around twilight, I sometimes enjoyed a tilleul at a café. And my host mom often had a nice infusion beautifully prepared in a glass teapot after dinner. In the states, where you're hard to come by in tilleul form, I turned to chamomile. Twinnings's Pure Chamomile = pure heaven. Occasionally I enjoy a one of your berry teas from Tazo or Stash. This past summer, I brought home a whole tin of your delightful flavors from Provence.

I was recently introduced your Celestial Seasoning's holiday line: Sugar Cookie {ever drink in a freshly baked confection?}, Gingerbread Spice, and Sugar Plum. I also met Stash's Christmas Eve {cinnamon, orange, and spearmint...aah.} I was starstruck, I admit it.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I found Aveda's Comforting Tea, a delectable blend of licorice root and peppermint that somehow has this amazingly sweet, ever-so-addictive after-taste, even without sugar, that leaves me yearning for more. Addictive, I tell you, but oh so good.

So I thank you. Merci for coming in many delightful flavors. Thank you for coming in a one that doesn't require sugar. Thank you for being there when I'm down. Here's your ode {all good English teachers provide odes, do they not?}:

You are marv'lous and splendid.
You are fabulously great.
My tears and frustration,
you promptly abate.
While delicat'ly sipping you,
I don't feel as o'erwhelmed and sad.
While quaffing your goodness,
I foresee good times to be had.

Don't judge. I may be an English teacher now, but I did that in like .02 seconds, k? And that was in iambic pentameter. 


Ok, not so much, actually...maybe if you read it with a British accent. But hey, at least I didn't "count the ways"...

P.S. Also, no, you haven't Rip Van Winkled through two seasons. It's not Halloween again already. I'm dressed like this because I was introducing a Victorian etiquette project to my seniors. We're planning a Victorian Tea. For real. Good excuse to throw on a vintage hat and newly thrifted blazer and call it a modern take on Victorian couture? I think so. And Victoria was known for her affinity to black, the poor thing.

Ta ta for now, lovelies. 
 *tisane = herbal tea / tilleul = tea from a linden tree

Sunday, February 5, 2012

This is what happens when I'm sick...

Wedded Bliss

Wedded Bliss by RueCeri 

I look for pretty things to help me forget that my head is about to explode and end up pretending that instead of having a 5-year anniversary this year, it's 25 or something vow-renewal worthy like that. Or maybe it's all the NyQuil making me believe that people other than celebrities and reality-show stars can justify spending over a grand to renew their vows, or even do renew them, for that matter. Do regular people ever do that?

Either way, I found some pretty pieces, and I'm not entirely sure that I'm even really typing right now { is this a dream? } so I'm going to go with it. If I could renew my vows, this is what I'd wear.

I got to have a Cinderella ball gown for my wedding, and, having idolized Cindy for years, I wouldn't change that. I present Exhibit A:  imitating Cinderella on Halloween and at Disney......and Exhibit B:  my own poofalicious wedding gown.

However, having gotten the princess poof out of my system, I'd go with more streamlined elegance to celebrate my whole 5 years of wedded bliss.  Isn't it lovely? I'm seeing it with an outdoor ceremony at dusk, followed by dancing in some sort of gauzy, fairy-lit tent draped in ivy and pale roses tied with dove gray ribbons and pearls. Intimate round tables would be decorated with vintage tea sets and candles with pearls, crystals, and rose petals strewn about.

Too bad I don't have any long-lost, ridiculously wealthy relatives out there who'd want to fund this.  Whose sole pleasure would be to provide for my completely unnecessary yet dreamily elegant wedding vow-renewal ceremony...

No one out there like that, eh? Anyone want to convince the Husband for me?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vivez la langue!

Paris 2009. Orange hair and red skin c/o living on the beach in Les Sables d'Olonne.

I came 'cross this video today at Dear Edna and couldn't resist sharing. This week my lovely Canadian principal, who shares my French passion, gave me a sparkly new lanyard { it sparkles-- literally } and told me they'd try to let me teach French next year to entice me to stay. { It's currently not in our budget. } Also, this semester she arranged the schedule so that I now teach 8 classes, rather than 7, but none of them are larger than 37 students! It's much better. Here's to fabulous supervisors and hoping for more time to blog and less stress this semester { and French in the future! }

Vivez la langue = Live the language. Study abroad, people! / Hourra = Hooray!
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