Monday, June 11, 2012

Neon Summer

Top: Ross / Skirt: ModCloth / Necklace: BlueFly / Belt: J Crew final sale / Shoes: J Crew via DownEast

I spent quite a bit of time today with my sister and cousin surrounded by the 80s comeback neon clothing that have taken over shopping malls across America. Glittery, glowing-green bustiers, anyone? I also spent the past week wearing a pair of neon-tipped shoes I got for $1 at Old Navy, along with a citrine tank I scored on clearance at Ross, and a lemon-striped scarf I found at Target. I even photographed the neon pink and orange dress I recently thrifted, but didn't post it before leaving such evidence behind, on my desktop at home.

Yet despite all this neon glow I've recently added to my life, I'm traveling at the moment and found myself with nothing to show for it when Everybody, Everywear announced Neon Day at the last minute. I decided, nonetheless, to participate by grittifying a photo from this old post from several months ago when neon was just making its comeback. That's right, I was wearing neon in the winter. Sometimes I even wore open-toed shoes with tights. It's a lawless world, my little bubble.

I thought the grit effect from PicMonkey quite suited the 80s flashbacks I've been experiencing all day, and it also provided a nice remedy to the wicked bout of boredom I'm currently fighting at 2a.m., which will quickly be replaced with jetlag come morning. It seems no matter how tired I make myself on my first day, I can never adjust back to Eastern time. Kind of like how I can never adjust to the lack of being sandwiched between the Husband and the Hound in this lonesome bed. I wish one of my pillows would steal my covers or snort in my ear.

In other news, I've got a whole week of visiting family and friends ahead of me. Then, the Hound-sitter will take over at the S domicile, the Husband will join me, and we'll be, ahem, you could say, getting our Francy-pants on. 

That's right. I said that.

So this is adieu for the next little bit. I'll not be attempting much blogging this time. Instead, I intend to fully enjoy my holiday, and then to return with an artillery of fun travel posts AND to finally finish my European 30x30 that I did last year. Also, expect a moustachioed-cupcake filled post from the last days of school. I never got around to posting that in the wild mess of trying to prepare to leave less than 12 hours after finishing up the school year.

Have a lovely summer, all!

A bientot! { I can't figure out how to make the accents on my netbook, and it's killing me!}

Image 4970

*A bientot = See you soon!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Moustache You a Question....

Skirt: H&M / Tee: Red Bubble / Cardi: Maurices / Shoes: Gabes / Sunnies: Urban / Earrings: DC Street Market / Necklace: Grandmother's

Have you ever...

...worn a shirt with both French and a moustache on it?
...while making cupcakes, also with moustaches on them?
...and totally disgracing your old art teacher by trying to mix in yellow with red to make purple { hello, gray icing...}?
...and then handing out said moustachio-ed cupcakes to seniors on their last day of class?
...and afterwards dancing to no music, like a fool, behind them whilst they participate in a fake interview, in a total, shameless copy-cat attempt to recreate this?

I have.

And it was fun.

I must say, I do quite the mean Macarena. It drew a few whoops and whistles at Senior night :)
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