Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding Wear

Dress: Ross (BCBG) / Peek-a-Boo Slip: Vintage Hem / Shoes: Ross (Kenneth Cole) / Necklace: J Crew Factory clearance / Braclets: France / Clutch: Gabes (Ann Taylor) / Cheesy poses: c/o public photo embarrassment...seriously, like 3 girls walked in while we were taking these, then everyone was looking as the Husband and I returned. Fabulous.

I just scored this BCBG dress for $15 at Ross. I may have also purchased it in brown. I really have to stop doing that. But it's like wearing liquid silk. So that justifies two of the same dresses, right?

Since we've moved out West, we've made some wonderful friends and recently saw two of them tie the knot! I try to minimize photos with others to protect their privacy and/or potential blog phobias, but couldn't help but slip in a few shots with the lovely bride and some new friends. Her family is delightful. Her sister also has a French degree. And we were wearing the same shoes. And we both considered other shoes first. And we got them at the same store in different cities. And we're obsessed with Austen and the Brontës. And she was wearing a fabulous thrifted dress. {Des clous!? Ouais, c'est vrai!*.... } She, her sister-in-law, and I were les trois mousquetaires* of the night and had a smashing time together :)

And the lovely bride was radiant and elegant. I'm so happy to have her for a friend!

As you see, I didn't get to wear my English garden wedding outfit, but the vintage feel of this darlingly quirky ballroom was every bit as fun!

For my dress, I cut off the lace hem of an old tank and pinned it to my bra to help that dangerously low V without the bother of the tank itself. And since the Husband strongly dislikes empire waists {remember?}, I tied the sash in the front to give it some shape. That's right. I can be thrifty and crafty and daring. Bam. And tomorrow I might just make more cupcakes. The Julia Child within has been inspired by a certain lemon poppy-seed wedding cake with raspberry filling. Miam miam*!

P.S. I made the Husband go into the ladies room with me for those photos up top. Their powder room was irresistibly fanciful. We tried to be sneaky, but of course someone noticed and suddenly there were lots of 'yeah baby's snickered our way. To which he held up his camera and nodded dutifully. And I turned far redder than my hair and vowed never to be photographed in public again. Especially since we aren't very good photographers and take forever in low light...

P.P.S. Linked up here for Rule Breaking Monday! I've always wanted to try that sash tied in the front, but never did because of the inverted V.  I finally decided what they hey and broke my rule :)

*Des Clous!? = No way;  Ouais, c'est vrai = Yep, it's true!;  les trois mousquetaires = the 3 musketeers {originally written in French!}; Miam miam = yum yum!

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siouxzy said...

I love that dress!

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