Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: A Crêpe Fail & Spa Night

Blouse: Consigned at Periwinkle (Gap) / Cardi: NY & Co / Pants: Old Navy / Necklace: Piperlime (Hive & Honey) / Headband: J Crew Factory clearance / Lip and Body Scrubs: Homemade :)

Awkward / Maladroit*:

- Not getting all the baby powder out of my hair when substituting it for shampooing. Then having students ask how old I am and whether I dye my hair. Seriously?! Seriously.
- The fact that it's cold again. And it's almost June. June!
- This whole last word repetition thing I have going on. 
- Being beyond excited to find a café advertising crêpes and going in to order a crêpe in my best French accent only to be greeted with a blank stare. Then trying again, repeatedly, worrying I didn't get the r just right {they're difficult, people!}, or maybe the lady is hard of hearing. Then the Husband laughs, pokes me, and says, "She wants a 'crape'." This, she understands. Then tells me they no longer sell them. To which I give her my best evil eye for advertising both something they don't have {in big letters on the window, nonetheless} and can't properly pronounce, or at least recognize when properly pronounced {It's more like 'crep.' The Husband informs me this is very snobby to use in the U.S.}
- The fact that my evil eye = a quick smile and thank you. I'm such a wimp. But you'd better believe my eyes shot fire at that "crêpes" sign as we left. I did suggest they remove it. I like to think I used an icy tone, too.
-The Husband teasing me about this for the rest of my life, and using it as a funny story when one of those inevitable10-second lulls in conversation occur. I hear they occur approximately every 8 minutes. Endless opportunities for him to sneak it in there. And to practice his over-exaggeration of those wretched rs as he reenacts my pronunciation of crêpe. Turns out, my evil eye's not so bad when I'm using it on him.

Awesome / Génial*:

- After 4 years of trying baby powder instead of shampooing on alternate days, in attempt to convince my head to produce less oil, I can finally skip the powder if I wear my hair up or out of my face with a headband and don't touch it. It's slow progress, but it's progress!
- The weekend getaway we have planned to the coast. Love, love, love.
- My new stripey thrifted blouse. It's flowy and pretty and nautical. Bien fait*, blouse.
- SPA NIGHT! Last night we hosted Spa Night for our girlies in Mutual. We made honey apple facial masks, basil face toner, strawberry sea salt body scrub, avocado hand and foot softener, sugared peppermint lip scrub, and more! We put cucumbers on our eyes, used super soft  towels and bottles of water, and pampered our feet with a bubble bath. Wowza. That's all I can say. Especially for the strawberry and avocado goods. Way better than Satin Hands. I could've rubbed it on my hands all night. I did take home the remainder to use in the tub, along with some of the lip scrub. I've a romantic weekend getaway coming up, after all ;)
- Completing my very first Awkward and Awesome Thursday! Hourra!*

*Maladroit = Awkward; Génial = Awesome; Bien fait! = Well done!; Hourra! = Hooray!


siouxzy said...

I love everything in this post!

Katy {and Kahler} said...

yay! this was my first awkward and awesome, too. i love the idea, but never participated until this week. i loved yours and you are so cute! :)

Megan said...

goodness, I love your style! :)
and your hair color is so gorgeous!


Cassi said...

Aw, thanks ladies. Awkward and Awesomes are so much fun!

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