Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Year's Reckoning

Top: Tommy Hilfiger via Gabes / Fleece-lined leggings: Gabes / Scarf: France / Gloves: Target / Boots: MIA

Goodness gracious, it's been almost 2 months since I've blogged an outfit and it seems I've already forgotten how to smile while looking up. Let's just say that I'm in deep contemplation of the past year. What with it being the last month of the year and all, I figured it was high time I did a little reckoning with my 2012 New Year's Resolutions.

So, here they are:

1. Learn to use camera and Photoshop. Apply to enhance blog with crisper photos of the Hound. 

- Fail. After the closing of Picnik, I was sure I'd finally be forced to learn to use Photoshop. I even bought one of those how-to books for dummies. Then I found out about PicMonkey. And despite the fact that I'm fully aware how poor my photography and editing skills are, and that PicMonkey isn't really doing me any grand favors, I was lured into it by virtue of true laziness.  Blast you, internets, for thwarting my good intentions of bettering my technological abilities.

2. Use that treadmill we got for Black Friday. Then run a half-marathon.

-Fail. Pitiful, I know. Our monster of a treadmill sits in our sun room, taunting me. Clearly, I care little about this. It just can't provide the excitement of forest trail runs, though neither can my town. In my defense, however, I had little exercise time anyhow with my crazy teaching schedule last year, traveling or undergoing treatments all summer, and being sick most of the fall. See how good I am at making up excuses?

3. Work on more meaningful prayers. Perhaps more yoga/meditation will help?

-Check. There's always room for improvement, of course, but I did make a conscious effort here, and have noticed a difference for the better.

4. Organize and clean out. Everything. Begin with Box Room. Yep, it's a room full of boxes.

-Check. Well, semi-check. I didn't clean out everything, but the box room is done, and I got quite far on my list here.

5. Get a bun, or two, but please not three, in the oven. Come on, 2012.

-Check. X2. Those treatments and that sick time turned out to be well worth it. 

Hey, three out of five isn't too shabby! I think for next year, I'll recycle the two I still need to conquer, come up with three more, and aim to complete at least four.

P.S. Yeah, that's right. I finally be bumpin' :) With twinners nonetheless. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X2)!

 18 weeks exactly

Expect that to be the topic of my next zillion posts. I've got some backtracking to do { the story of my blog's life } because I have been taking weekly photos of the most revered bump, after all, and then there's all the fun that's to be had dressing this long-awaited little miracle as it grows into enormity that I don't want to even imagine at the moment. { I Googled full-term with twins bumpies. Big. Mistake. Currently fire-walled from memory. }

Meanwhile, I'm looking to one-up Duchess Catherine in the bump style department. Even though I kind of like to pretend that we're bosom buddies. Especially now that we're preggies together.  Her pregnancy was announced this week due to the fact that morning sickness hospitalized her. I was pretty sure I was about to die any minute during the first 14 weeks, but I was fortunate enough to only feel so nauseated that I lost 10 pounds and was begging to throw up, but never actually did so. Morning sickness? Please. It ought to be called 24-hour-never-goes-away-take-me-now-because-I'm-dying sickness.

But that's long gone, thank goodness. Four weeks later and I've finally surpassed my pre-pregnancy weight and am starting to feel that pregnancy glow I was sure had somehow bypassed me. I'm also no longer so exhausted that trekking from the bedroom to the living room and back feels like a marathon. I'm starting to feel like myself again, heartburn aside, and am ready to get back into the swing of life. Starting with fully embracing every blessed moment of pregnancy. Pregnancy. I was starting to think I may never get to use that word for myself, but here it is.

We're pregnant.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Name That Creature on My Sweater!

Button-up: Maurices / Sweater: H&M / Skirt: Thrifted Ann Taylor / Booties: Blowfish / Jewelry: Gabes

Dear me, it's been a long time since I've posted. I've been terribly sick this fall so far. However, I'm finally starting to feel better, just as the trees are starting to tun! I've been craving fall trees and crab cakes, so I think we'll have to make a trip to the coast this weekend. And stop by a pumpkin farm and corn maze. It's not officially autumn until you've done that.

Meanwhile, can you name that creature on my sweater? I bought it on a fun family girls outing while we were in Utah over Labor Day weekend {at the fancy schmancy new City Creek Center, nonetheless}, and the family had a fun time trying to figure out what the heck it is. A mouse? A lynx? A gray fox? Anyhow, it's cute and cozy, and I intend to get a lot of use out of it this season :)

Though I was pretty sure I was about to die any minute, I managed two accomplishments since our trip last month. The rest of my time was spent zombie-ing it through school and sleeping on the couch with the Hound.

1.  We saved some of our fruit from the birds and deer. I didn't have it in me to make anything interesting, but there's nothing like fresh fruit from your back yard.

2. I  squeezed out a September style post for Frenchy. That was about it for style productivity, though, so I'm afraid the top photo is a repeat from that post. I talked about thrifting and working tweed into your fall wardrobe for both casual and dressy looks. For example, you could replace a cornflower blue animal-face sweater with cornflower blue heels to make the look up top a bit dressier. Check it out over here! And enjoy your autumn! May it one day be the longest season of the year. Oh that would be fabulous.

Heels: J. Crew via DownEast / Purse: Old Gap

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blanc, Blanche, White...and a Frenchy Announcement

Skirt: Express via Gabes / Blouse: F21 / Heels: J Crew via DownEast / Belt: J Crew final sale / Bag: Deux Lux via TJ Maxx / Necklace: Second Hand Brighton / Watch: Anne Klein

Yes, this is my third post in a row wearing mono white. I'm pretty sure my obsession has reached Take 5 levels. I'm very exclusive when it comes to candy bars. None other can beat chocolate/caramel/peanut butter/peanut wrapped pretzels.

Meanwhile, I've got some exciting news. { You craving that candy bar yet? } I'm teaming up with Frenchy over at Le Chateau des Fleurs to do a style post once a month.

Please excuse me whilst I pick myself up off the floor. I just made real deal partners with a real deal Frenchy, who even calls herself Frenchy. I'm ridiculously excited about this little venture.

For my very first post, I'm going to be talking about recycling summer whites for fall, with some fall trends to make it work. Here's how I restyled my outfit from up top for cooler weather:

Skirt: Express via Gabes / Blouse: F21 / Sweater: AE clearance ($8!) / Blazer: Consigned Michael Kors / Shoes: Blowfish clearance / Watch: Fossil

Check out 3 more examples over here at Le Chateau des Fleurs!

P.S. I just got that sweater not too long ago on the take an extra 40% off clearance rack.  My guess is that they're clearing out last winter's items before this winter. There are some sweet deals going on right now :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Hound that Follows Me Around

Top: Maurices / Skirt: Dorothy Perkins / Shoes: Bandolino via Ross / Belt: Ruche / Earrings: DC Street Market / Hat: Asos clearance / Watch: Anne Klein / Necklace: Giveaway Win

I wore this to a temple trip yesterday. I just love temple trips. Yet another reason to love white. Then, when we got home, the Husband and I took a nice, long nap under the ceiling fan with the Hound.

This summer, I've noticed that Slurp Hound has taken to following me around more than she used to. She's always followed me into the kitchen, hoping for a bit of food or treat, but now she follows me everywhere else, too. I go to fold laundry in the bedroom, Slurpee pads along and plops down at the foot of the bed. I'm working on the computer, she's furring up my papasan chair or lying by my feet. I go to the restroom, she noses in and lies down on the rug below the sink. Yep, I don't even have kids yet and already I've no privacy in the loo. In the evenings, when I sometimes catch up with Dancing with the Stars, she's whining to squeeze into my grandpa's old La-Z-Boy with me. Then at night, she's either by the foot of my bed on the floor, or, if it's cold, snuggled up right against me under the covers. I know. I swore it would never happen.

She doesn't follow me all day. Obviously, someone still has to watch out the windows to make sure the deer and rabbits don't get too comfortable. And someone had better be watching out that that one neighbor's dog doesn't put one toe onto our lawn. But when the neighbor's dog is no where in sight, and the deer and rabbits have cleaned the yard of all fallen fruit for the time being, suddenly everywhere I turn is my not-so-baby baby Hound.

And I kinda like it. Even if she does get furs everywhere. My vacuum and I have become total frenemies. It's cool. It's about time I caught up with the trends and got myself one of those.

P.S. This is the top I wore on my very first date with Husband at Cold Stone Creamery. It's kinda gotten a bit pit stained and tight in the ta-ta-region due to some medications I'm currently taking {not that I'm complaining...} But it's our first date top, and I just can't let it go.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Out

Hat: Asos / Top: F21 / Shorts: Old Navy / Shoes, Belt: J Crew final sale / Earrings: DC street market / Necklace: Brighton / Watch: Anne Klein

I've been wanting a Panama hat for awhile now, but they can be quite pricey. I kept waiting for the one at J. Crew to go on final sale, like these shoes and belt. Their cost together was less than that darn hat. But alas, patience isn't my forte, and the pressing knowledge that summer only has a little over a month left {!!Where did it go?!!} forced me to give up and get this one from Asos clearance. It came really mashed and bent out of shape. I tried steaming it, then wetting it with warm water to shape it. Obviously, it's not the quality of the J.Crew version. I guess you get what you pay for. Anyone out there know how to make crown indentations on a paper straw hat?

In other news, monochromatic white has become my new very best friend this very hot summer. Not only does it keep me cool, but I also kind of like constantly feeling like I'm about to hop a plane to some exotic, beachy destination. Yes, all you staring at my all-white ensemble, you keep on thinking I'm that fabulous.

Meanwhile, you see those earrings up there? One of my best purchases to date. They're the perfect pop of color for white, black, and everything in between.

P.S. I'm working on more Europe posts. Monaco is almost finished, but I've got to pop up to Portland for a few days for some very important business. I'm taking the train for the first time in the U.S. I'm afraid it won't hold a candle to my visions of the Hogwarts Express, but at least the scenery is bound to be nice on a train called the Coast Starlight, right?

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