Sunday, May 1, 2011

Edelweiss Extravagance

Edelweiss Extravagance
I'm just a little bit enamored with  Edelweiss by Sarah, and was over the moon when I discovered she was giving away one of her fabulously vintage styled silk dresses every month this year. Luck hasn't been with me thus far, but this time she's holding a little competition rather than leave it to chance. You can submit up to 2 storyboards depicting how you'd style her Luther dress, and at the end of May she'll choose her favorite. The creator wins the Luther! This is my first entry. I thought I'd indulge my inner blue-blooded fashionista before having a more realistic go. Just to exercise those frivolous tendencies that plague me so in case one day I have just cause for such extravagance. You know, by becoming Queen or something. What do you think? You can check the pieces out on Polyvore by clicking the photo or the link below!

Edelweiss Extravagance by Rue Ceri 

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