Just imagine I'm in a flowy skirt, seersucker blazer, and peep-toe wedges. Much better. Though rather impractical for the rocky beaches of the Pacific Northwest...
French is my second language. Portuguese is his. I look at students all day. He looks at eyeballs. Personal style is towards the top of my priorities. It’s nearer to the bottom of his. Fortunately, we share a love of food, travel, new experiences, a Hound, and each other.  Ruelle du Cerisier is my little escapist world, where I'm chronicling my life and adventures, often with him and always with his help, through the lens of personal style. I created Rue Ceri for a variety of reasons. They are, in this very particular order, because...

  • I discovered at a young age the delight of playing dress-up with my mother and grandmother's old clothes, and, of course, princess-y costumes.  Now it's a nice hobby / guilty pleasure / distraction.
  • I wish I'd taken photos of favorite outfits in the past for keepsakes. It would be fun to see the style changes and recall the memories of those times. So now I do so.
  • I'd LOVE to see more of what my mother was wearing back in the day, especially along with the style of the local scene (cars, furniture, etc.). Dear future mini-me(s): I've got you covered.
  • I've always felt bad for being so horrid at journaling. It's much more fun with a style focus. 
  • One day I moved across the country and met a girl who introduced me to some style blogs. I was intrigued. I ogled at the creativity, the daring designs, and the remixing. Oh, the remixing possibilities.
  • At this time, I felt I was in a style-rut, stuck in cheap/junior clothing and being confused for a student rather than a teacher. Back off, kid!
  • After becoming addicted to a few blogs, I took the plunge. Now I document my own style journey along with my daily life, which requires that I have a style journey and put effort and thought into my look. That's nice. 
  • Since then, I've learned to purge, thrift, remix, and be more selective and creative with my wardrobe. Also nice. And definitely more fun.
  • I feel a bit narcissistic and weird about it. Hello! I photograph myself in clothes and put it on the Internet...What? That's not bizarre...
  • Despite this fact, it's great fun. See, I told you. Guilty pleasure. 

I don’t think clothes are everything. I do think a refined personal “style” is a fun and important asset, à la Stacy and Clinton. I feel more comfortable and confident when I look presentable and appropriate with an added dash of my own panache.

So there you have it-- my life on Ruelle du Cerisier, or Cherry Tree Lane. You can contact me at rueceri{at}gmail{dot}com for queries or comments. Thanks for stopping by!

À bientôt!


P.S. Wondering about my name? See here.

P.P.S. Wondering about the French twist? It's a bit of une passion. See here.

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