Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ocean Suns

Tank:  Consigned at Periwinkle (LOFT) / Cardi: Urban Outfitters / Pants: Macy's (Unionbay) / Shoes: Express / Hat: J Crew final sale

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day! I'm so grateful for the men and women who serve our country, and for the families they leave behind. I can't imagine the Husband leaving me for months to years to face danger. I was a tearful mess when we spent a mere 5 danger-free weeks apart a few summers ago. Thank you, thank you, brave military members and families.

We took a little holiday to the coast for the extended weekend. The coast out here is very different from the beaches of the Eastern seaboard. Out East, you go to "the beach" to bask in the sun, play games in the sand, and cool off in the water. Their beaches are uncomfortably packed Memorial Day weekend. Out here in the Pacific Northwest, you go to "the coast" to explore breathtaking cliffs, sea lion caves, and delightful tide pools. You enjoy the sound of the crashing waves from the shore, because it's far too cold to actually get in the water at this time of year, unless you're in a wetsuit. These beaches are not at all crowded.

My favorite difference, however, involves the sun. I'm certainly no early bird, so I rarely got up in time to enjoy a sunrise over the Atlantic. But out here we get spectacular Pacific sunsets and I'm always awake to enjoy them. And this time we were lucky enough to get switched to a room with a full ocean front view, because they double booked our original room.

The first night we arrived in Yachats just in time to take some photos while the sun dipped below a horizon of foamy waves, then watch the pearly pink aftermath from a comfortable bed. Absolutely marvelous. So is sleeping with the door to the deck cracked, letting the waves lull you to sleep...Ah, la mer. Je t'aime*.

P.S. Linked up here at No Model Lady's All-Dressed Up Party! This is the most dressed up I've ever gotten for a trip to the coast. I'll tell you why tomorrow :)
*la mer = the ocean; Je t'aime = I love you


Loretta Stevens said...

The hat is perfect to top off your coast-wear! Yachats, one of my favorite places on earth. Love the pictures.

No Model Lady said...

I love the photo with the wave splashing you! Perfect!

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