Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Double Dots

Skirt: F21 ($12) / Top: H&M / Cardi: Gabes (NY & Co, $5!) / Tights: Kohls clearance / Heels: Sears clearance / Headband: Fred Meyer

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

Meanwhile, I'm wearing a double dose of dots. Remember back at the very beginning, when I was scouring my closet for something to wear on Dot Day, desperately wishing for more dots? Well, these days there's no shortage of dots in my life, that's for sure. Yesterday I confiscated three of them. My students have begun using Dots as weapons between classes. They're hard as rocks, from what they tell me. One kid even wanted ice for his Dot-affected hand, claiming he couldn't write. They always want ice. It's the new thing, evidently. Dots and ice. Whatever happened to Junior Mints and Ace bandages? That's what I remember from my bell ringer days. Sneaking Junior Mints in class and wrapping an Ace bandage around any lightly bumped limb.

Times may change, but the intent is still the same: Get a sugar high, seek attention, and elicit sympathy. With hopes of avoiding some work, too, of course. At least Junior Mints couldn't leave bruises and Ace bandages didn't drip water everywhere.

P.S. Don't let la dot fool you in French. It's a faux ami* and means dowry, not polka dot. Best be careful with that one; you could end up with a goat rather than a polka dotted blouse :)

P.P.S Linked up here at my friend Tiff's cute party {dots are cute, are they not?} and here at the Pleated Poppy!

*faux ami = false friend { It looks like a nice, easy, friendly cognate. But it's trickery, because it isn't at all! }


Jaime said...

This is my fav. so far!!! Love it!!

Loretta Stevens said...

Oh, so many beautiful outfits and fun pictures! I just got to catch up on about the last 6 weeks of your posts--due to my meager computer skills (silly me). Anyway, thanks for sharing so many delightful things. Oh, and I enjoy the French lessons!

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