Monday, April 23, 2012


This man. I love him. { And our baby Hound, too.}

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wrap it up...

Dress: B Moss / 3/4S Top: Shade / Tights: We Love Colors / Earrings: DC Street Market / Bracelets: J Crew final sale / Shoes: Miz Mooz via

Wrap dresses are so heavenly-ly { it could be a word } comfortable, but let's face it. They're not always the most exciting play in the book. Or closet. So my analogies need a bit of work.

To punch up one of my favorite, silky smooth, comfort-must-reign today dresses for a cold, thus-far dreary spring, I added colorful tights and earrings with a three-quarter sleeved top for warmth.

And you know what? I think it worked. In fact, I thought it worked so well that I did it again. This time the dress was already sleeved, and I just added tangerine tango { thank you, Pantone } tights with a bright necklace.

Dress, Shoes: Gabes (Ann Taylor, .....)  / Tights: J Crew final sale / Necklace: Dillard's gift card / Coat: DownEast

It kind of looks like my legs are on fire...or just really, really sunburned. Un coup de soleil? Non, merci!*

And that reminds me of how much I detest being told by practically everyone I ever cross on a sunny day that I'd better "watch out" in the sun. Because of my red hair of course.

Just for the record, I can only wish I had the delicate, porcelain skin most red-heads get, and I do know how to use sunblock, thankyouverymuch.

Sheesh. Bitter much? I think it's been a looooong week...I promise I'm not this touchy in person.
*Un coup de soleil? Non, merci = A sunburn? No thank you!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Turbin Time

Pants: F21 / SS Top: Gap clearance / 3/4S Top: Shade / Boots: MIA / Scarf: AE / Bracelets, Belt: J Crew final sale / Bag:: TJ Maxx

F21 is my favorite place for fast fashion. I found these pants for under $20 on sale. They're sold out online, but they have these adorable printed ones in a darker, but similar color.

I think the Husband was a bit embarrassed by today's head attire. I told him that was a prime example of reason #4859 for why we should move to a big city. Or at least close to a metropolitan area. There, my nifty scarf-turned-turbin trick probably wouldn't even merit a second glance. He may not be sold, but I am in l-o-v-e. I couldn't get my bangs to behave very nicely today, and this scarf whipped them right into place { which was out of sight, of course. }

This evening we went for a little stroll between the marsh and the lake. This is, quite possibly, the Hound's favorite spot for a stroll. It's replete with critter-holes. Her head disappears into the most interesting holes, and when her tail starts to wag wildly, you can bet the digging will start next. She gets so excited she starts tearing away mounds of dirt with her mouth and flinging it aside, at which point I insist she be pulled away { and by pulled, I mean picked up and hauled off, while she fights desperately for release.} I won't have her tearing up any homes. One of my favorite childhood stories was about a chipmunk family that had a network of tunnels leading to their home under a chestnut tree. I'm certain it was a true story. Autobiography, maybe.

Then the Husband decided we needed some artsy photos with the pretty sky. So here are my artsy poses.

When you can't see the tail of the scarf, it kind of resembles a helmet, doesn't it?  Eh, oh well. 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three's Company

 Dress: Thrifted vintage / Tights: ModCloth / Shoes: Sears / Belt: Ruche / Blazer: Urban / Earrings: Gabes /Necklaces: Grandmother's crystals, silent auction-won pearls, and Betsey Johnson Valentine's gift

The X chromosome dominates in the S household, and with this dress on, I can't help but feel like I'm living in the Three's Company world. Without the sunny beaches and California flowers, of course.

I was hoping to break out my newly thrifted pastel dress amidst springy flowers and blue skies, but I settled for a gray Easter. It's been overcast for days now, and though it's April, we still haven't a single sign of Spring. No buds, no flowers, no warm love from the sky. But I complained about that for virtually the entire last Spring, so this year I'll spare you the diatribe against Mother N and move on with my life this year.

Clears throat.

So, did you notice those pearls around my neck?

They're real.

That's right. My very first set of real pearls.

Which I purchased for myself. Keeping it ever so classy over here.

It was difficult to resist. My school's robotics team is going to worlds! I got to see them at regionals in Portland, and it was the coolest nerd-fest ever. More exciting than a basketball game, I tell you. Who knew that robots shooting baskets, playing defense, and balancing on see-saws to blaring hip-hop could be so much fun?

Anyhow, there was a fundraiser and silent auction to help them attend the world competition in St. Louis, so I put down the minimum bid on this set of pearls and won.

To the Husband, this all sounds like "yada, yada, yada..." So if Jack...I mean the Husband...wants to know where my share of the rent money is this month, I'd better come up with some wonky scheme, fast. And since Slurpee's about as bright as Chrissy with those sorts of ideas { also like Chrissy, she survives on being cute }, I'm all own my own.

P.S. On a completely unrelated addition to the pearls, did you notice my nails, too?

Now you have no excuse-- here they are, pearls and nails.

I'm making certain you did, because it took work to do them. I did them with my darling niece over over spring break. I think it was the first time I've painted them since before I met the Husband--about 6 yeas ago. I did have them done once in that time, for my reunion back in August.  I dislike caring for nails so much that I got gloves to wear for my wedding. But when I saw the new trend in nails, I couldn't resist.

Now I remember why I quit painting them in the first place. It takes a massive amount of work and lasts about one whole grand day before chips begin to appear. Is it always this bad?

Check out all the other pastel ideas below for Everybody, Everywear's pastel day!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Grading Schmading

Dress: Old Navy clearance / Shrug: Limited via Gabes / Shoes: Thrifted / Belt: Ruche / Necklace: Downeast / Earrings: Gabes

Holy manoly crocadoly, do I despise the end of the grading term. I was up till past midnight every night this week grading late work and late revisions. It's ridiculous, the excuse these kids come up with. I had students in my room till past 6pm on the last day.  6pm people! Then I stayed till 9pm. Then I came home to grade till 2am. Then I vented by beginning this blog post. When I should've been headed straight to Sleepytown. And I can't help but notice that when I write for my blog, I use all sorts of un-conventions { har, har } that I mark up all over their papers. Yet another reason to pray none of them never find this blog...  And then I prepare my excuse in the name of style. Once you've mastered conventions, and can demonstrate thus in academic work, you are free to take liberties as you please!

But seriously, when did I become the late-work accepting teacher I never wanted to be? I've turned into some sort of scrunch-eyebrowed, snappy-mouthed, red-pen wielding grade-bot, all because I can't really fail half of my students, now can I?

Can I ?!?!

Okay, I'm done, promise.  

In more exciting news, we had a fabulous spring break at the coast last week with my husband's family. Complete with a Goonies tour in Astoria. I've just not had time yet to blog anything. I still haven't blogged all the pictures from the coast trip before that...or the Portland trip from a few weeks ago...Yes, I think I must cede conventionality and completely forgo any sense of chronology on this poor blog. I still have my Europe trip and summer 30x30 to finish from last year...

Also, this outfit seems boring now.  I think it's because it's spring { supposedly...}, and I'm dying to be out of long-sleeves and tights.

Here's to a grading-free, sleeping-in kind of weekend, sans cauchemars* of dodging angry parents and a ginormous red pen...

*sans cauchemars = without nightmares
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