Saturday, April 30, 2011

V is for Vendetta...

 Sweater: Urban Outfitters clearance / Gloves: Target clearance / Jeans: Gabes (Express) / Boots: JC Penney clearance / Belt: J Crew final sale / Earrings: Thrifted both English and French, actually. And I'm pretty sure Mother Nature's got one out for me. The morning after I wore my springy Easter blossoms, vainly trying to seduce Mother Nature into putting out her own buds, it sleeted.  Icy slush pounded my windshield so hard my poor wipers could barely keep up. Then, it hailed. Hailed. Little balls of ice pelted my face and even found their way down my high-neck top where they melted on the ladies as I ran from my car. Thursday, we were graced with snow:

Till Mother Nature comes 'round, I'll keep warm with these long, soft gloves I scored on clearance at Target, thanks to the fact that over the mountains, where we have to go to find Target, spring has already sprung.

Perhaps I should quit pleading with her, challenging her, trying to make her jealous, and complaining about Mother Nature in general. Perhaps I should just accept that I am living in the mountains, and winter is longer up here. Much longer. Perhaps that's lame. Way lame. Zut alors! Zut, zut, zut  ALORS*. 

On a lighter note, does anyone out there know how to wrap hair around a pony and actually make it stay? Bobby pins just never hold for me- they pop right out within minutes.

P.S. I realize that pairing black and brown, by this point, is probably no longer a true rule to break since it was like the first to go when all this rule breaking business began, but there was a time not too long ago when I would never dream of pairing my blacks and browns, so I just wanted to point it out by linking here :)

*Zut alors! = Darn it! / Blast!


siouxzy said...

Wow, you can pull off any style! Love it.

Stef / Diversions said...

Awesome rule breaking :) and that backdrop is amazing, especially that car!

Hope Mother Nature stops throwing a tantrum soon ;)

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