Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Ode to Tea, à la Victorienne

Skirt: Consigned / Blazer: Thrifted / Shoes: Miz Mooz / Tights: TJ Maxx over We Love Colors / Belt: J Crew final sale / Necklace: Gabes (1928) / Bracelets: Gabes, J Crew final sale / Hat: Consigned Vintage at Periwinkle

Chère Tisane,

I think I love you. After a long, hard day, you provide comfort and warmth. You're almost as good as the Husband and the Hound in that department.

My crush began the first time I lived in France. Right around twilight, I sometimes enjoyed a tilleul at a café. And my host mom often had a nice infusion beautifully prepared in a glass teapot after dinner. In the states, where you're hard to come by in tilleul form, I turned to chamomile. Twinnings's Pure Chamomile = pure heaven. Occasionally I enjoy a one of your berry teas from Tazo or Stash. This past summer, I brought home a whole tin of your delightful flavors from Provence.

I was recently introduced your Celestial Seasoning's holiday line: Sugar Cookie {ever drink in a freshly baked confection?}, Gingerbread Spice, and Sugar Plum. I also met Stash's Christmas Eve {cinnamon, orange, and spearmint...aah.} I was starstruck, I admit it.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I found Aveda's Comforting Tea, a delectable blend of licorice root and peppermint that somehow has this amazingly sweet, ever-so-addictive after-taste, even without sugar, that leaves me yearning for more. Addictive, I tell you, but oh so good.

So I thank you. Merci for coming in many delightful flavors. Thank you for coming in a one that doesn't require sugar. Thank you for being there when I'm down. Here's your ode {all good English teachers provide odes, do they not?}:

You are marv'lous and splendid.
You are fabulously great.
My tears and frustration,
you promptly abate.
While delicat'ly sipping you,
I don't feel as o'erwhelmed and sad.
While quaffing your goodness,
I foresee good times to be had.

Don't judge. I may be an English teacher now, but I did that in like .02 seconds, k? And that was in iambic pentameter. 


Ok, not so much, actually...maybe if you read it with a British accent. But hey, at least I didn't "count the ways"...

P.S. Also, no, you haven't Rip Van Winkled through two seasons. It's not Halloween again already. I'm dressed like this because I was introducing a Victorian etiquette project to my seniors. We're planning a Victorian Tea. For real. Good excuse to throw on a vintage hat and newly thrifted blazer and call it a modern take on Victorian couture? I think so. And Victoria was known for her affinity to black, the poor thing.

Ta ta for now, lovelies. 
 *tisane = herbal tea / tilleul = tea from a linden tree

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Brandi said...

Really fun outfit! definitely a vintage feel!


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