Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Fixer Upper, Reinvented

 Skirt Suit, Belt, Bracelet: Gabes / Shoes: Ross (Aerosoles) / Lace Top: Charlotte Russe / Tank: Thrifted (Loft) / Necklace: TJ Maxx

My sad little blogger world suddenly revolves around EBEW, which I can't bear to miss despite the fact that my photos are still too large { I finally got my new computer! Just waiting for files to be rescued from the old one and to get Photoshop on here so 30x30/Europe posting can recommence :)}

With my insane schedule I thought there was no way I could participate in this month's DIY feature. I can barely keep up with planning and grading, and I'm not super savvy with a sewing machine. My mamaw got me a basic one for Christmas in college, because I desperately wanted to be the next Coco Chanel. I promptly used it to spruce up my spring break swimsuit with what I thought to be some very sophisticated decoration, then considered myself appropriately versed in all things sewing and gave it up entirely after remembering I was a French major planning to vacation at Cocoa Beach, not a fashion apprentice headed to Saint Barts.

I briefly considered featuring that swimsuit, but how lame would that be for October? Then I remembered  there was another project I tackled before retiring from major DIY.  I'd purchased a cherry skirt suit from Gabes, thinking I got a sweet steal for a perfect grad outfit, only to get it home and find the sleeves were two different lengths, the jacket was too wide, and the hemline was most unflattering.

I managed to modify it well enough before retiring my machine to a lifetime of mending and easier projects, like adding lace inserts to mischievous skirt slits.  My little red suit served its purpose well, then I tucked it in the back of my closet and haven't looked at it since. Till now. When I realized I could bust it out not only for a DIY feature, but to also continue my allegiance for a color blocking feature.  In the most fashionable way possible. Which, of course, is by breaking the rules and following the fab footsteps of Emma Stone, SJP, and Zoe Saldana.

There was a time I was too traumatized to dare reds and pinks in the palest of doses, but I'd say this rich combo proves I'm fully cured. {You can read about my traumatizing experience with reds at the end of this post, if it strikes your fancy.}

And there you have it. I've no tutorial for you. Not even any before shots. There was no process to my madness. I don't think I even had a measuring tape. And I'm certain I didn't do a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. And because I know I'm going to feel completely outdone seeing everyone else's marvelous masterpieces, I thought about throwing in a photo of that plain white tankini, which the sting of a fresh break-up inspired me to fancify with an extra strap, belt, and ties. Stitched by yours truly.  It's amazing, the creative energy a blow to your self esteem can expose. And I didn't even know about DIY tutorials at that time.

But then I remembered my computer crashed. Quel dommage!


*Quel dommage = Too bad!


Anne said...

I'm impressed you altered the jacket yourself! That scares me a little... Great color combination too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fixing all the things that were wrong with your jacket before sounds like it qualifies for EBEW. I'm impressed that you tackeld a jacket. I'm far too timid with a sweing machine for that! Love the "after."

Sam said...

Wow, that's impressive. I can't even figure out how to work a sewing machine! Great job on the outfit, you look adorable. Love the background too, such a pretty view!


Tinfoils Tiaras said...

That is incredibly impressive I don't know how to operate a sewing maching either! I just love this version of colour blocking- red and pink looks great together and you always have the best backdrops!

Anonymous said...

The red/pink combination looks gorgeous on you! I'm also smitten with the perfect coastal background in your photos - beautiful!

Cassi said...

Thanks ladies! Haha, don't let that jacket fool you. It looks terrible on the inside, and the whole outfit is still a bit large. I just pinned and sewed up the side seams, all the way down through the sleeves, then cut and hemmed the sleeve lengths.

The background is from a recent weekend trip to the coast. That's Proposal Rock behind me :)

LyddieGal said...

oh, the skirt turned out so wonderfully! I love red pencils, I need one!!

Love you beach backdrop, so gorgeous.

Chic on the Cheap

Meagan said...

You altered the skirt perfectly! And the red and pink look fantastic together! What great photos too!

Alison said...

Hey, I found your blog through LDS living online, and I wanted to tell you how cute your blog is. I really like your style, especially the pink and red. :)

dotty said...

the colors here are great and it's always great to be able to revive a piece with alterations!

dash dot dotty

Ana Paula said...

WOAAAAH! That backgound is breathtaking!

And I feel the same way about reds and pinks. I certainly have both colors in my closet. I need to dare wear them one of these days.

I love your outfit!

Cathy said...
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