Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pre-Gaming for Cupid

Dress:  B. Moss / Blouse: Old Navy / Shoes: Ross / Earrings: Gabes (1928) / Silk Scarf: Consigned at Periwinkle / Tights, Bracelets: J Crew final sale / Watch: Fossil / Flowers: Bunco prize!

Valentine's is one of those holidays for which I like to sufficiently pre-game. The entire week leading up to the big day, I wear nothing but red and pink and make all of my food into the shape of hearts. I even make heart shaped Hound-treats. I dress our bed with pink sheets and a red quilt and leave candy hearts on the pillow. I "heart attack" all of my friends { including the ones out East-- impressive, huh? } and I make the Husband watch every Valentine's movie known to man with me. We listen to nothing but love songs in the car and at home.

Just kidding.I don't really do any of those things. I realize I did write an ode to herbal tea in my last post, but I promise I'm not really crazy :)

HOWEVER, I did get sucked into wearing red and pink a few times this year. I planned to go all rebellious with my new tangerine tango blazer over red, but that didn't quite work out as I planned. In classic Cassi style, I sabotaged myself right outta that one.

It all began during our staff meeting last week, when we found out that the meeting we have scheduled for after school tomorrow, the day before V-day, would be recorded. My principal eyed me warily and said I should spill what I intended to wear so I wouldn't show everyone up { I have this thing with dressing fancy, in case you haven't noticed...} I feigned astonishment and cheekily replied that I wear red and pink every day leading up to Valentines, of course. Before I knew it, it was agreed that we'd all wear red and pink.

Then we had our church's Valentine's party this weekend, so I decided to try out the outfit you see above, which I plan to wear to school tomorrow. I mostly wanted to test drive that head-scarf, to see if I can pull off what Kristine makes look so brilliantly effortless.

What do you think? Sorry about the random flowers. They were so pretty and matched so perfectly I couldn't resist...

Then Everybody, Everywear voted on the red and pink combo for their February edition, which happens to fall on Valentine's { I was pushing for faux fur...I just consigned a new coat for $4! } so I'll be decked out in yet another red and pink outfit on Tuesday. 

Looks like my tangerine blazer will just have to attend avec impatience*!


*attend avec impatience = wait patiently

Editor's Note: Evidence that red and pink is still going strong!

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