Monday, February 13, 2012

Can colors take over your life?

Tank: Thrifted LOFT / Blazer: UO / Skirt: Gabes / Boots: Ugg / Scarf: Asos / Belt: J Crew final sale / Bracelets: DC Street Market, Brighton via Ebay / Watch: Fossil

Yesterday I said I'd planned this outfit to wear to school today, but I woke up to a bunch of drippy wet snow and just wasn't feeling it. So I came up with yet another red and pink outfit.  I've no idea why I feel this is something I have to explain, nor why I felt I had to post pictures of what I really wore. Especially after 10 hours at school. Maybe it's because I have a weird sense that red and pink are taking over my life. Turns out,  I really did wear it every day up to Valentine's.

In other news, I finally received true affirmation of my fashion sense this past week. My blog is henceforth affirmed. In two little words, Miss Sydney here expressed everything one needs to know about Uggs. I still shudder to think about my college days when everyone was wearing them with black leggings.

I did, however, fall victim to their more sensible boots. Like ones that are not only warmly lined but also waterproof with a stylish shape. These have become my snow-day go-to for work. They're perfect for tromping through the snow {  the Husband has this thing where he doesn't believe in shoveling the walk unless we can't get out the front door. I can't blame him. I have a thing where I don't believe in doing laundry till we're out of underwear. }

P. S. After years of experimenting with baby powder, All-Nighter Powder, and every other affordable trick for second day hair, I finally found Suave's spray dry shampoo. It is pure fabulousness in a can. Do you see my second-day hair up there? I've never been able to wear my hair down the day after washing it. This morning I rolled out of bed, sprayed my hair, ran my fingers through it, and went to school. It took all of 2 minutes. Finally, I can guiltlessly snag a few extra minutes of shut-eye and get up feeling like a rock star rather than a grease monkey. Fantastique!

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