Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What to Wear to an Oscar Party...I Don't Really Know

 Skirt: ModCloth / Top: Ross / Shoes: DownEast (J Crew) / Belt, Headband: J Crew final sale / Necklace: Bluefly / Bracelets: Gift, J Crew final sale

ModCloth is one of my favorite online shops, but they can be pricey. So when I found this skirt in their sale section for $13, my socks were knocked waaaaaay off. Seriously, sock knocked offageness. It's a big deal. I was so excited that I got not one, but two maxi skirts and a sweater. They've got a mad-crazy sale going on right now.

When asked what I'd wear to this year's Oscars if I were going, I replied with sparkly mint. Minutes later, Bérénice appeared on the red carpet, and home-girl backed me up. { I can always count on the Frenchies... though I was picturing more of a minty version of this. } As I have no mint in my closet yet-- a travesty for spring, I know-- what you see above is what I planned to wear to my friend's Oscar-watching party on Sunday. {At least my color scheme got some red-carpet love...see here and here and here and here, too.}

It felt a bit fancy, so for church, I added a blazer, ditched the necklace, and changed to black shoes.

 Skirt: ModCloth / Top, Shoes: Ross / Blazer: Thrifted Ann Taylor / Belt, Headband: J Crew final sale

Then, after church and dinner, I changed back to the original outfit.

Then, when it was time to go, I realized I would be the most over-dressed. I knew this all along, actually. I tried to deny it.

So, I chickened out.

And I modified it to this more casual outfit:

 Skirt: ModCloth / Cardigan: Banana Republic sale / Shoes: Thrifted Sofft

Everyone else was in pajamas.

I know.

At least I had a fun, swirly skirt to wear, which I hesitantly purchased for $13 but am quite please with, considering its versatility. And it was every bit as comfy as pjs. And my French favorite swept the show, so I was trés contente*.

P.S. I'm playing Queen Victoria and hosting a Victorian Tea this Friday for my seniors, their parents, and the board. Complete with presentations on etiquette, Victorian costumes for my ladies, steam-punk attire and top hats for the gents, Victorian treats { scones, jam, lemon curd, gingerbread, tiny sandwiches, tea-punch, lemonade, etc.} and vintage tea sets. Can I tell you how many times I've been to Goodwill this week? No. I cannot. Because I'm too tired to count that high right now. But our community coordinator even found a vintage French lace dress and hat for yours truly. AND she offered to do my hair.  In case you haven't noticed, the fashion police would be all over my lackluster locks if I really had walked the red carpet. I have no patience for my hair. So it might just all be worth it.

If I survive, I'll have some fun photos to share!

P.P.S. Happy Leap Day! One of my best students happily told everyone he was 4 today, and we got our first real blizzard of the winter.


 *trés contente = very content


Nautical Stripes said...

Um, I love that you love French because Je l'adore! I served my mission there and have been obsessed ever since. I'm glad to find another Francophile :)

Love the yellow blouse. You definitely pull off long skirts because of your cute figure!

Your newest blogger follower,

Mindy at

Would love for you to stop by!

DEMI said...

woow! i really like your blog!
much inspiration!
keep posting


Dolly said...

i like the neon shirt, but i love more the second outfit!
your hair is gorgeous!
thank you for visiting me, hope we'll be reading each other from now on! :)
Dolly, xo
Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

Cassi said...

Thank you, ladies! I can't wait to check out your blogs!

And Mindy-- finally a francophile friend!! Your style is great. Now if you only lived several hundred miles north of San Diego...!

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