Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hound Adventures

Skirt: Old Navy / Chambray: Gap / Sweater: AE / Tights: We Love Colors / Shoes: Asos / Necklaces: F21, Piperlime / Belt: From a Threadcase dress

That's an awkward little pose there on the right, isn't it? Not that there's very much that's not awkward about taking your own photo. It's been staying light longer, so I've been able to snap a few photos if I get home from school early enough, and I really wanted to get a picture with this sweater. I picked it up for $9 from American Eagle. They're having an excellent end-of-winter sale going on right now. Since winter still has several months to go in my neck of the woods, it's perfect timing. 

As I took these shots, the Hound was watching ever so mournfully from the living room windows. Sometimes, when we're in a mischievous mood, the Husband and I will play a little game with her from this deck. I set her on our bed and tell her to sit while Scott traipses through the back yard to our neighbor's, which just so happens to be rabbit-land, bordered by a big hill.

Slurpee waits with her ears cocked, perched and ready to fly on command. She trembles with excitement and begins a low whine. When Scott sends the signal that he's ready, I open the sliding-glass door while commanding Slurp to "stay." Then, after she's proven what a good little obedient Hound she can be, I say, "Go get 'em!"

And this is the moment for which she lives. She flies out the door, leaps off the deck in one heroic bound, and, nose to the ground, zooms straight to bunny heaven, her tail cutting circles wildly. Pretty soon the yipping howls start, and I chase after her.

We let her have some fun before we catch her, as long as she steers clear of the hills { which have led to hours of search in the past, including a hitch-hiking incident for me...} Catching her requires us to corner and tackle her. All obedience flies right out the window when she's on a trail. As the Husband hauls her back home under one arm, her tail helicoptering behind them, she has the biggest doggie smile on her face you've ever seen. Utterly contended with her run, she plops onto the floor and waits for a treat.

And that, friends, is how the Hound gets her supervised adventures. Now the only problem is that anytime we want to use that deck, she thinks she's getting an adventure, so I have to lock her out of the room lest she streak out after a rabbit. Her obedience only lasts if someone's looking directly at her. We've clearly trained her well, that one.

P.S. Are you watching the Academy Awards tonight? I'm rooting for The Artist-- we just saw it last night and it was absolument merveilleux.* Midnight in Paris is another favorite, of course, but it's just not on that level for me. I'm going to an Oscar party, so I've got to find something fun to wear...


*absolument merveilleux = absolutely marvelous { of course }


Jenny said...

I love these colors, beautiful!
Modern Modest Beauty

Sherri said...

Love the colors in this! The skirt is awesome and looks great with your shoes. No Oscar party here, but I will probably catch the show. Have fun!

Cait said...

I love all the blue and those shoes are so cute!

g*rated said...

love your outfit (as always!) and the colors are beautiful.

Cassi said...

Merci é toutes :)

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