Monday, October 24, 2011


Dress & Bracelet: Vintage / Shoes: ? Possibly Wal Mart. My lost glass slippers were from Shoe Show if that helps / Clutch & Earrings: Gabes (Michael Kors &1928) / Necklace: Grandmother's

I'm in a Bunco group. It's not therapy; it's an old lady game, people. And it's fun. This month we got to dress up, and I finally, after many long years of princess envy, went as Cinderella.

I may or may not have been planning this since I first saw Cindy on screen back in the late 80s. I may or may not have photos of me sneaking into the children's size large Cinderella costume while closing the princess room at the Emporium in Disney's Magic Kingdom. {Too bad for you that I've yet to retrieve the hard drive from my old computer. I've no clue how to get a screwdriver into the tiny corners where those blimey screws are located...}

I may have decorated the walls of my Florida apartment with posters, signed photos, and picture frames depicting said princess. It's even possible that I carried a Cinderella-themed bag back when I worked for the Mouse.

I may also have had imitation pantoufles de verre*... I even lost one of them. OK, so actually, I lost both. Hence the silver sandals instead of clear slippers. But, most importantly, I definitely thrifted the best 50s interpretation of Cinderella I've ever seen. Veritable vintage and princess, all in one package.

I may have just died and gone to heaven.

Or lost some follows, now that you all know how weirdly obsessed I am...Meanwhile, I'm going to bask in my ultimate princess-ness and enjoy my blissful moment of happily ever after.

P.S. My job is still making me tread water. One of my classes has reached 50! Fifty high schoolers. In one room. I think I'd prefer the wicked step-family and obnoxious cat. On the bright side, I've been traveling every weekend {the coast, Portland, the Gorge, Bend, Jackson, etc.} and documenting fun outfits all the way. Which means I've a TON of outfits to post when you count the 30x30 and summer I still need to finish. So hopefully, one day, I'll post them. Maybe this winter they'll be a marvelous reminder of the lovely weather to come.

Meet Virginia Design

Cendrillon = Cinderella { of course...} / pantoufles de verre = glass slippers

A few months later...

Now that my hard-drive has been retrieved, I just had to share. Below are my beloved Cinderella photos from my time working at Disney.

 Clockwise from top left:  Hanging with Cindy on my birthday, the Share a Dream Come True parade, trying on the children's Cinderella costume in the Emporium (I was too afraid of my managers catching me to come out of the dressing room), and her iconic glass slipper on display.

Now if I could just get some friendly birds and mice to help me clean and mend my clothes, my life would be complete...


Siouxzy said...

Oh my goodness that's cute.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Fifty in one class??? That has to be against the law. I had 150 students and threatened to file a lawsuit. (I got help.)

two birds said...

50? wow...that's a lot! however, this dress is gorgeous! it's perfect for cinderella! and like your other halloween outfits, i would also wear this one year round!

Jo said...

Love that dress!

Anonymous said...

Your Cinderella outfit is perfect - what an amazing dress!

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