Thursday, April 21, 2011

Waiting for Godot, I mean Spring

Trench: Gap Outlet / Skirt: Gabes (LOFT) / Sweater: Gap clearance / Tights: Kohls clearance / Boots: Bloomingdales (Burberry) There's an excellent story behind why I have Burberry rainboots.  It involves a high-stakes bet with the Husband...Guess who won?

Waiting for spring's warmth feels like waiting for Godot. Will it ever come? It snowed last weekend. Snowed. Now all it can seem to do is be cold and rain. Or even better, sleet.

You know, I was once in a mash-up play (don't you speak Glee?) that included Beckett's Waiting for Godot. Which was originally written in French, entitled En Attendant Godot. You just never know when something French will pop into your life. I wore a leotard and sat in an old tin trashcan for an entire scene. Oh, theatrical interpretations. Godot never comes, in case you didn't know. Spring dandy well better come. Did you hear that Mother Nature? It better come, or you'd better watch out. That's a threat, not a promise :)

To distract myself from the wintery weather, I went thrifting for a springy outfit. This was strictly retail therapy so I went to the price-friendliest shop in town with a limit of $7. At first there didn't seem to be much, but persistence paid off and amongst the acid washed mom jeans and old lady dresses I found the below Eddie Bauer skirt for $3 and lemony seersucker blazer for $2.

When I went to pay, they didn't take card! Quelle horreur*! I searched my car but only came up with a total of $3.32. I asked if she'd hold the items for a bit, and that lovely lady told me not to worry about it! So there you go, I stayed under half my budget and got a nice outfit that's waiting its little heart out for warm weather to show off its pastel colors and seersucker springiness. Despite the cold, I decided to challenge dear old Mother N and try it out this morning. And she put me right back in my place. It snowed. Again:

Skirt & Blazer: Thrifted / Tank: Shade / Boots: Zappos (MIA) / Necklace: Inherited from Grandma /  Earrings: Gabes (1928). Please excuse the dark photos. Mr. Sun broke through right as the Husband left for work. Hopefully he sticks around to melt this tiring white stuff.

Looks like she didn't mistake my threat for a promise. Guess I won't be challenging her again any time soon.

Post linked up here at my friend Tiffany's cute party, and here at The Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday (the rain outfit was Wednesday).
*Quelle horreur = Oh no! How horrible!

This post was featured on Making the World Cuter! Thanks, Tiffany!


Siouxzy said...

Lovely as always!

Anonymous said...

I love your patterned tights with the patterned tights.. that match your jacket! I just really like colour coordination ;)
And well done thrifting! I feel like prices here in australia are getting rediculous.. I payed $12 for a dress the other day.. and its not even that great!
YAY for sharing the same hair colour ;)

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) said...

so cute. I love those boots! :)

Cassi said...

Thank-you, ladies! I'll have to share the story of those boots sometime soon. It's a good one :)

Hannah- I don't always find such great deals, especially in bigger cities, where most items are priced in the teens. But it's sure nice when I do find those deals! Yay for redheads :)

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