Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Road Warriors: 30x30 Outfit 17

Top: J Crew / Blazer: F21 / Shorts: Old Navy / Shoes: Privo

You can call us Monsieur and Madame les Road Warriors { Guerriers de la route? } from now on. Road warriors do crazy things, like drive all over France and Italy with crazy streets and forever long tunnels and even crazier drivers. They take taxis in Marseille at 5am after only 3 hours of sleep to catch a flight to Frankfurt, where they sit on a tarmac for 3 hours before a 9 hour flight to Philly where they sit another 1/2 hour. But rather than curse the fuel gauge and medical emergencies, they just possibly may have secret weapons in their arsenal, such as a magic pill leftover from a minor surgery that made Madame quite nervous.

They scour terminals for seats without dividers on which to sleep during layovers and suck down fruit smoothies betwixt flights. After customs, they fly to Phoenix and then to Reno. And when the park-&-fly hotel shuttle finally gets them back to their car, they scoff at the fact that they've been traveling for 30 hours now and only slept 3 hours before that and drive the 5 hours home, where they can still manage a maniacal smile for the camera.

Then Madame le Warrior finally gets to sleep, but Monsieur decides to go into work to check on a few things and finds he's been scheduled for the day. Because someone forgot to ask for that last day off.  At this point, Monsieur le Warrior turns to Diet Coke, while Madame thinks she'll be back to blogging by the next day. But then they decide to take a 12 hour drive to Utah for the 4th of July. So instead of blogging, Madame unpacks and cleans and launders and repacks. And sleeps. A lot. Then proudly helps Monsieur le Warrior drive half the way to Utah, where they spend a blissful extended weekend with family and campfires and fire crackers and panning for gold and slip-n-sliding nieces and nephews and puzzle races and card games and feeding horses and chasing chickens and yummy food everywhere you turn.  

And that is how Road Warriors do the summer.

P.S. That's 30x30 Outfit 17 up there. It's what I wore on that ridiculously long journey home from Europe. Photos in one of the 5 airports I went through on my way home would've been nice, but I was so tired I didn't think of it. I do realize the last outfit I posted was number 8, and before that number 4. I've clearly got some holes to fill. Tomorrow I'll start playing catch up.

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