Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pont du Gard: Outfit 6A

  Dress: Victoria's Secret / Blouse: J Crew / Shoes: Privo / Earrings: AE / Bracelet: J Crew Factory / Watch: Skagen

You've already seen this outfit here, from my post on Nìmes, but our evening at the Pont du Gard was just too amazing not to give it it's own post. You've also already seen what I'm calling Outfit 6A here, where I modified Outfit 6 so that I could jump off a rock into the Gard river with this fab Roman aqueduct in the background. The things I'll do for a photo. Or for a cliff. You see, the Husband and I kind of sort of met jumping off of a waterfall. So if we find something to jump off of these days, we do it. It's in our rule book.

Did you know they have annual fireworks and light shows on this bridge? Can't you just see it?

In fact, that's why I had to jump in my dress. They were setting up for a show that very evening, and once you left the bridge area, you couldn't re-enter without paying the steep ticket price for the show. I even told the guards my sad tale of wanting to join my husband in jumping off the rock just one time because I'll likely never be here again and it's our tradition. And he was doing it!

No dice, though they did look a bit remorseful. So I showed them. I went back, stripped off my knickers and blouse {whilst hiding behind a rock...that takes talent, friends}, tied a knot in my dress to prevent it from flying up, and got up my nerve...

...then took the leap...

...and emerged victorious!

Then I did it two more times :) Repeat the whole nerve building and jumping scenario:

Though I still wish I had the guts to dive like the Husband. It's just so much prettier:

It would've been way neat to see the show, but we've seen the likes before on our last Europe trip in form of a light show on the Château de Chambord, and we really wanted to get to the Med that night and it doesn't get dark in France till almost 11pm so the show didn't even start till 10:30pm. So you'll have to settle for a few shots from Chambord instead.

Amaze-balls, no? I never thought I'd use the phrase amaze-balls. But there was a time I never thought I'd see such fantastic sights, either. There's a time and place for everything, I guess. Even Holly Holiday's weird lingo.

P.S. I got the most scrumptious chevre {goat cheese} crêpe with fresh greens, tomatoes, and tapenade at the café here. I highly recommend it. Goes especially well with some fresh apricot juice. I get apricot juice every chance I get, in case you haven't noticed.

P.P.S. I also recommend the museum at the Pont. It's really astounding to learn about the Roman influence and technology. At one point, this aqueduct stretched for 31 miles and carried 44 million gallons of water to fountains, baths, and homes in Nîmes. Running water in the 1st century AD. That amazes me. It's also the highest Roman aqueduct bridge ever built AND the stone blocks used to build it, some weighing up to 6 ton each, were precisely cut to fit together so perfectly that friction could hold them together without mortar.  


P.S. Linked up here to the Pleated Poppy's What I Wore Wednesday! 


Lidiya said...

This outfit is gorgeous - I adore your skirt, you look very polished and chic :)

Ana Paula said...

I loooove this dress! Super cute!


Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

Tamera Beardsley said...

Again, such an amazing and beautiful post my dear! Thanks so for sharing!

Jen said...

I love your look adorable!

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