Friday, June 24, 2011

Très Désolée...

I'm a horrid blogger from abroad. It just got to be too much. There's so much to see and do and I want to relish every moment. { Can I just tell you how much I'd like to live here for a few years? Or a few months every year? Or maybe forever? THIS much. That was about the size of Canada, in case you couldn't tell.  Most of my this muchs are the size of Rhode Island. }

But I do promise that I've been wearing and photographing a 30x30 outfit every single day, and as soon as I get back stateside next week I'll begin editing and posting each one till I catch up.  And I've got some fun ones.  Like medieval villages that look like they're from a fairy tale. And jumping off of a waterfall into a river that flows into Lake Como in the Italian Alps. And biking around Lake Como. And Milan. And the Italian marvel of Cinque Terre. And diving into the Mediterranean. And more French Riviera, like Monaco. Oh, the fun I've had. I'll also catch up with comments and checking out everyone else's blogs and 30x30s.

I've got just a few more days of fun left, and I'm going to squeeze every bit of delight out of them as I can! So until Tuesday, mes amies!

P.S.  That's Monaco behind us in the photo up top. And the top I'm wearing is from Milan. It's officially been added as my third missing item for my 30x30, to make Outfit 14 you see above :)

*Très désolée = Very sorry; mes amies = my friends


Natalia Lynn said...

Oh so fun! I can't believe you have blogged at all with all there is to see! Can't wait to see all the pictures!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I wouldn't spend any time blogging - I'd be too busy soaking it all up. Just enjoy yourself. (I love the new top.)

alltumbledown said...

What a beautiful picture! I am awful at blogging when on vacation- and thats ok. Enjoy the moment!

The Hensley's said...

Cassi this trip looks amazingly beautiful as do you! Can't wait to see you when you come in next! Love ya guys!

Ana Paula said...

I would also be tres desolee if I had to leave France!

I'm glad you enjoyed it to the fullest! We enjoyed reading about it and seeing pictures!! :)


Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots

Cassi said...

Thanks, everyone! I did soak up every last bit of Frenchy goodness till I had to leave. There's still so much I want to do and see in Europe. I really, really, really need to live there for a few years!

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