Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Sailor Stripes

  Tank & Earrings: J Crew final sale / Blazer: H&M / Pants &Scarf: AE / Wellies: Hunter via Bloomingdales gift card

Awkward / Maladroit* :

- The fact that it snowed on June 1st. Just going to throw that out there. It's more maddening than awkward. 
- Getting yelled at by a random jogger, literally screaming from shore for us to get off the rock bridge we were on, fascinated and giggling like kids by the way the waves went under it then crashed into a blow hole by the shore, spraying water way into the air.
- Continuing to happily dance in the wave spray while said jogger screams at us. We finally heard him over the roar of the waves. Apparently, sneaker waves can wipe out people on the bridge, and some have died . You'd think they'd post a sign!
- People shaking their heads at us while we leave, quite abashedly, only to return a few minutes later with a camera and dry clothes to take photos in front of the blow hole instead. Shameless, yet spellbound.

Awesome / Génial*:

- My double striped fashion risk. I'm calling it awesome. It could be awkward. I felt like a rebellious sailor. First double dots, now double stripes. Maybe one day I'll be daring enough to pair dots and stripes.
- The fact that I found these skinny cords for $15 at AE. Yay, sales and fab deals!
- The fact that dizzying cliffs + huge waves + sea rocks to climb upon = a very happy Husband.  It's like his own personal crack, people. And we encountered lots of it on our trip :)
- That he takes a flurry of photos in his high, which is good for my blog. He was all, "Oh, this is a cool spot. Right here. Climb this craggy rock. Now, pose on the edge of this cliff. A little closer to the edge; you can't tell how high it is. Be sure to balance inwards." Oh why? Because it's like a way scary drop into treacherous waves and I'm the worst swimmer ever? Yeah, that's why.

- This person's house. So green with envy right now.

- Kyllo's crab cakes with garlic mash, crab melt, and hazelnut bleu cheese salad. Oooh, miam miam*!

- And last, but not least, the Pacific Northwest Coast! We just love it.

*Maladroit = Awkward; Génial = Awesome; Miam miam = Yum yum / Nom nom!


Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit. Vertical Sailor stripes. That's stepping out of convention. I hope tjhat you will lok at my blog and follow me too. I have been following yur blog for a cuple months. I
'm from the Pacific Northwest, too. Southern Oregon. See you soon!

Megan said...

oh my gosh! I am in love with your outfit. soo adorable!
those stripes are perfect!

looks like a fun adventure!


siouxzy said...

I love your Wellies. I have some and they look so bulky on me. So jealous of Yachats. That's my favorite.

Cassi said...

Thanks, ladies! Siouxzy- When I first got these, there was a size 39 in the box but they were supposed to be 38s, and the difference was ridiculous. They were much wider in the leg as well as longer in the foot. It seemed weird to me that there would be that much difference with one size so I thought it was a fluke. Maybe you got the fluke too :(

If you moved out here, you could borrow mine any time. Just saying :)

Ana Paula said...

Green suits your hair color very nicely!

I love your blog! (and love French):)


Allen said...

Hi Cassi,
You look lovely and your Outfit's great, wearing your Rubber Wellingtons is really cool and I hope you really enjoyed yourself.


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