Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remembering Black Friday

Top, Belt: J Crew final sale / Pants: H&M / Shoes: Urban Outfitters clearance / Necklace: Piperlime (Hive & Honey) / Earrings: Vintage / Bracelet: Bass Outlet

Urban Outfitters is having a pretty good sale right now. I found these shoes for $15. Other than that, life is pretty basic right now. Teach this, grade that, you know. So instead, I thought I'd get on record my one and only experience with Black Friday craziness.

My weak tie in to this outfit is that I got the bracelet I'm wearing at the Bass Outlet in Park City, Utah on Black Friday, 2009. 

The Husband and I spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Utah with his family and I got to experience Black Friday shopping with my sister-in-law and her sister. They are hard core shoppers. I mean hard. core. We left at 10 p.m., Lori finagled her way through traffic like a pro and quickly found a spot to park {traffic was insane!}, then we hit up the Park City Outlets as soon as they opened. It was crowded. But then, after sticking it out only a couple of hours, the crowds thinned, the sales remained, and the shopping got even better. We scored amazing deals. We didn't leave till 6am. And then we went to McDonalds to sugar-high it up with cini-minis for our impending trip to Wal-Mart to fight the madness in the name of holiday gifts for their tots. We got home at around 9 a.m. That's right, it was nearly a 12 hour trip in the middle of the night. And it was soooo worth it. And no, I'm not à moitié fou*. I'm completely sane. It was fun, really! Not just for the goods, but also the quality girl time. I'm a total Black Friday convert.

Too bad this past year we were stuck here for Thanksgiving, where a sale is half off at the farm store and they wouldn't dream of opening at midnight.

P.S. Danielle from Danielle Celeste gave me her Sunshine award! Isn't that sweet? Thanks, Danielle!

* à moitié fou = half crazy


ashley said...

i love your pants, this is my favorite outfit!

Cassi said...

Thanks, Ashley!

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