Friday, April 6, 2012

Grading Schmading

Dress: Old Navy clearance / Shrug: Limited via Gabes / Shoes: Thrifted / Belt: Ruche / Necklace: Downeast / Earrings: Gabes

Holy manoly crocadoly, do I despise the end of the grading term. I was up till past midnight every night this week grading late work and late revisions. It's ridiculous, the excuse these kids come up with. I had students in my room till past 6pm on the last day.  6pm people! Then I stayed till 9pm. Then I came home to grade till 2am. Then I vented by beginning this blog post. When I should've been headed straight to Sleepytown. And I can't help but notice that when I write for my blog, I use all sorts of un-conventions { har, har } that I mark up all over their papers. Yet another reason to pray none of them never find this blog...  And then I prepare my excuse in the name of style. Once you've mastered conventions, and can demonstrate thus in academic work, you are free to take liberties as you please!

But seriously, when did I become the late-work accepting teacher I never wanted to be? I've turned into some sort of scrunch-eyebrowed, snappy-mouthed, red-pen wielding grade-bot, all because I can't really fail half of my students, now can I?

Can I ?!?!

Okay, I'm done, promise.  

In more exciting news, we had a fabulous spring break at the coast last week with my husband's family. Complete with a Goonies tour in Astoria. I've just not had time yet to blog anything. I still haven't blogged all the pictures from the coast trip before that...or the Portland trip from a few weeks ago...Yes, I think I must cede conventionality and completely forgo any sense of chronology on this poor blog. I still have my Europe trip and summer 30x30 to finish from last year...

Also, this outfit seems boring now.  I think it's because it's spring { supposedly...}, and I'm dying to be out of long-sleeves and tights.

Here's to a grading-free, sleeping-in kind of weekend, sans cauchemars* of dodging angry parents and a ginormous red pen...

*sans cauchemars = without nightmares

1 comment:

Gentri said...

That outfit is NOT boring! I love it!! SO cute! :D And I bet you are everyone's favorite teacher. :)

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