Sunday, April 15, 2012

Turbin Time

Pants: F21 / SS Top: Gap clearance / 3/4S Top: Shade / Boots: MIA / Scarf: AE / Bracelets, Belt: J Crew final sale / Bag:: TJ Maxx

F21 is my favorite place for fast fashion. I found these pants for under $20 on sale. They're sold out online, but they have these adorable printed ones in a darker, but similar color.

I think the Husband was a bit embarrassed by today's head attire. I told him that was a prime example of reason #4859 for why we should move to a big city. Or at least close to a metropolitan area. There, my nifty scarf-turned-turbin trick probably wouldn't even merit a second glance. He may not be sold, but I am in l-o-v-e. I couldn't get my bangs to behave very nicely today, and this scarf whipped them right into place { which was out of sight, of course. }

This evening we went for a little stroll between the marsh and the lake. This is, quite possibly, the Hound's favorite spot for a stroll. It's replete with critter-holes. Her head disappears into the most interesting holes, and when her tail starts to wag wildly, you can bet the digging will start next. She gets so excited she starts tearing away mounds of dirt with her mouth and flinging it aside, at which point I insist she be pulled away { and by pulled, I mean picked up and hauled off, while she fights desperately for release.} I won't have her tearing up any homes. One of my favorite childhood stories was about a chipmunk family that had a network of tunnels leading to their home under a chestnut tree. I'm certain it was a true story. Autobiography, maybe.

Then the Husband decided we needed some artsy photos with the pretty sky. So here are my artsy poses.

When you can't see the tail of the scarf, it kind of resembles a helmet, doesn't it?  Eh, oh well. 



Meekay said...

Great look

Siouxzy said...

Va va voom!

Cassi Brightforest said...

My husband will say the same thing about poses to match the outfit or scene.

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