Thursday, May 31, 2012

A lot of blue...

Top: Thrifted (BR) / Pants: Consigned at Periwinkle (Gap) / Coat: Sound & Matter via DownEast / Shoes: Gabes / Bracelets, Belt: J Crew final sale

I love the surprise on someone's face when, after they compliment my outfit, I tell them it's all second-hand or purchased from a shop like Gabes or DownEast, which sells damaged, irregular, or overstocked items from other brands for super cheap. I get some kind of narcissistic, yeah-thats-right-I'm-the-bargain-shopping-queen kind of high.

Then I check out my less than desirable photo results { twilight shots are sooo difficult, but I had to work late that day...} and my pride is yet again humbled. Kind of like when I stride confidently up to a door, push insistently for several moments, then turn to the Husband and say, "this door is jammed," as he pulls it right open.

Somehow that seems to happen quite a lot.

Speaking of a lot, I recently introduced my students to the Alot. I just love him. And they've practically been begging for an intro. He's my most favorite hyperbolic creature ever. I'm pretty sure some of my students didn't get him. It's okay. Alots are known for being better at grammar than many high school students. They're better at everything.

For the record, I titled this post "A lot of blue" because I'm wearing two shades of blue...if you count my coat. Cold snap courtesy of the Cascades. Anyhow, two shades isn't really a lot, I know, but I'm going to humor myself that it is. My point, however lost it may now be, is that I'm wearing a lot of blue. I don't have a blue Alot. That would be weird.

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Amber Lena Bonasera Boomars said...

On the contrary! I think the twilight shots are beautiful.

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