Saturday, May 19, 2012

George Sand

Jeans: Go Jane / Tank: Charlotte Russe / Cardi: BR Outlet / Necklace: Ruche / Shoes: Gabes

I've been dying for a pair of aqua jeans since I first saw some by Guess, but they were pretty pricey. I found these at for only $27. They only have them in white or turquoise now, but they're also having a 25% off sale for Memorial Day weekend!  I rolled them up a bit on the inside of the legs to get the peg-leg look.

Now, onto a more technical matter. I thought I'd explain why I've chosen to use a nom de plume, or pen name, for my blog. After hearing from multiple techie-snoop students, in every school I've taught, that they've tried to Google me,  I decided that while teaching, I very much want my private life to be just that-- private. In fact, I kind of enjoy having a private little public outlet { as much as I enjoy a good oxymoron...} So I decided to go all George Sand* on the public realm and adopt a non de plume.

I first considered Lucie, my high school French class name. My sister and I kind of used to watch I Love Lucy every night on Nick at Nite before bed. Well, that and the last scene from Dirty Dancing. 

And honestly, who told the people at Nickelodeon that their current Nick at Nite line-up was acceptable? It's supposed to be about oldies! Ten years ago shows from the 50s-70s were playing. Now we've got shows from the 90s-00s playing. Shows that are still on syndication like, everywhere. I miss Lucy, Dick, Jeanie, and Samantha from Bewitched

I also kind of want to be Samantha. But that's besides the point. 

Then I thought about Elle, which is part of my middle name. But while I do love her dazzling abilities with diction, I'm not really the Elle Woods type, which is the first thing that pops into my head when I hear that name.

Rue just, somehow, seemed the easiest, best fit. So in the end, I decided that I could, indeed, share a name with both my blog and the brave / adorable tribute from District 11 and, voilà, a pen name was born.

Yea, I'm also that kind of dork. The YA fiction-loving kind. HP is my hero.

P.S. Aren't these lilacs simply gorgeous? Our garage and entire bottom are lined with large, lustrous lilac bushes, and it's pure delight for both the eyes and nose. Perfume of Mother Nature, I tell you. She can't be matched.

*George Sand = The nom de plume for Armandine-Aurore-Lucille Dudevant, neé Dupin. She was a progressive French novelist, perhaps the most well-known female French author, particularly popular for her Romantic works, which she published under a masculine name to give them more exposure in the 1800s. 


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