Monday, March 26, 2012

Victorian Tea

Dress: Vintage French / Shoes, Hat, Gloves: Thrifted / Necklaces: Grandmother's, J. Crew final sale / Earrings: Vintage

After a month of studying Victorian and modern etiquette, including the etiquette of wooing, writing illustrated love or advice on love letters, reading two novels, holding an etiquette debate, and preparing etiquette presentations, I got to play Queen for the day and host a British Etiquette Tea for my seniors. It was wicked fun, even if I was up till 3 a.m. making 200 scones the night before. After preparing and dressing for the event, I completely understand why Queens have so many servants...

Our community coordinator found / made costumes for my students. She even found some Steam-punk attire, and she reserved this gorgeous vintage French gown for me. She dressed me up like a doll, made the hat to go with the dress, and even did my hair the morning of the event.

During the tea, she snapped several photos of the gorgeous get-up she created for me from various angles:

 Then she insisted upon posing me for photos afterwards. I didn't complain... 

See that? My very own Prince Albert even cleared his schedule to attend the grand event. Unfortunately, the presentations went a tad bit long, and he had to leave before the end, so this is the only photo I've got with my Prince.

Our math teacher made lemon curd and gingerbread, brought loads of dishes and linens, and, while helping set up, decided we needed fresh flowers for the tables and was off to get them.  Our health/gym teacher also brought loads of fancy dishes, linens, and gold silverware, she made dessert, and she helped set up. The principal, who created this event when she was the English teacher, made tiny sandwiches and also brought in sparkling glassware, delicate china, and darling teapots. Our parent coordinator made tiny sandwiches, got all the food out onto the tables, and did loads, and loads, and loads of dishes.

I know I complain a lot about my job. Being the only English teacher at a 180-student charter school, teaching all grades 9-12, hasn't been easy. But being at a small charter school has been fabulous. I can't imagine a better, more dedicated, and helpful staff. So many of them sacrificed their own precious time for my little tea party. Merci mille fois à toutes!

P.S. I'm hesitant to post photos of others on a public blog, especially students, so go here to see more photos from the event!

*Merci mille fois à toutes! = Thanks a million to all!


Siouxzy said...

oh my goodness you look gorgeous! I bet your students had a blast.

Emily said...

This looks like it was amazing and you are breathtaking! What a gorgeous dress!

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