Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Today I Was Pi-ed.

 Dress: Asos clearance / Sweater: Gabes / Shoes: 6pm / Belts: H&M / Necklace: Bluefly clearance / Watch: Fossil

Happy Pi Day.

I had my students write Piakus and Pi Limericks.

Then I was chosen to have a pie thrown in my face. A real pie, not a pi, unfortunately.

I thought for sure I was in the clear. The students bought raffle tickets and put their name and the name of the teacher they wanted to pie on it. Three were to be drawn. All day students were telling me that I had the most tickets, so I knew my chances weren't looking good.

#1 wasn't me. I gleefully high-fived the teacher who had the 2nd most number of tickets.

Then she got drawn for #2. I may have snickered a bit.

The kids noticed. When teacher #1 got drawn again to be teacher #3, suddenly everyone was chanting to make me teacher #3 instead.

I put on my very best sad face.

 Me? Surely you don't mean me!

When that didn't work, I threatened, "essays for everyone!"

Are you sure about this? You really wanna mess with me? *wags finger*

They weren't buying it. Before I knew it, I had a trash bag over my head, and a pie in my face. Then a bunch of students shouting, "look here!" with their phones. And then the lady from the paper came over to get the correct spelling of my name. Apparently, my pie-face turned out the best photo.

This is what my hair and face looks like after wiping off a bunch of whipped cream and letting it get all sticky for a good few hours.

Clearly, this is what happens when you dedicate an entire day to math. Now, whose idea was that, and when will we have a day to celebrate spoonerisms? A spoons tournament would be fun, no? Though I don't know that spooning ought to be, not for drama-thriving, PDA-loving teenagers. Perhaps puns, instead. Yes, puns with buns. We could make sticky buns. Or hot cross buns! Who wants to start it?

{ Pardon the geeking out, SVP* ...and excuse the lack of pie-face photos. I'm sure I'll be getting some soon. }

*SVP = s'il vous plaît = please

Courtesy of the Husband: Cassi with a pie in her face
{ Gotta love the fluorescent lighting. Also, I'm pretty sure every kid in the school has my picture on their phone now...Lovely.}


Siouxzy said...

Sounds fun! Love the skirt and shoes!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness you are a good sport! You must be a fun teacher :) Just found your blog and I love your style!


Erica said...

I love your skirt!

Cassi said...

Thanks, girls :) It was all in good fun! But beware of being pi-ed if you wear contacts. Completely ruined mine!

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