Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Skirt, Top:  Consigned at Periwinkle / Belt, Jewelry: Christmas gifts (J Crew final sale)  / Shoes: ( C. Label ) / Tights: Wal-Mart

I may or may not have stolen a dog last week. { Yeah, I did that. } I also put too much salt in my sun-dried tomato salmon Alfredo and forgot that no, I actually don't have a maid named Helga coming to clean my house. I was supposed to do that myself. It was a stellar week for me. The repairman coming by will just have to deal with crumbs around the frigo.

As for the dog, it was happily reunited with its owner. And I really didn't intend to kidnap it. I'd already gone to work once that morning and forgotten some important papers on my desk. As I was rushing home, I saw this lab playing on the railroad tracks that cross my road. Railroad tracks, people. Not far from a busy highway. I got out, looked around, saw no one, beckoned the dog, checked its tags, and called the owner. No answer. I opened the hatch of my car and it bounded right in. So I took it to back to school with me. Quite a sensible thing to do, if you ask me. All of the houses on my road save one are over a mile from the tracks, and I had no time to go knocking on doors.

Thankfully, the ladies in my school's office are dog lovers so they welcomed the stray right in and I got to class just in time.

So, remember how I said all the houses "save one" are far from the tracks on my road? Well, yeah. The dog belonged to that one.  Of course it did. 
And thus I went from dog-rescuer to dog-napper, all in the turn of one morning.  Class-tastic. 
P.S.  The Husband picked out the locale for these photos on an after-church drive. Suddenly, he pulls over and says, "right here-- this would be good for outfit pictures."  Every time I see those crumbs around the frigo I'm sure I've taught him nothing, but then he goes and does something like that, and suddenly I can't be mad about crumbs anymore, can I? 

P.S. It's Wednesday! That means it's halfway to Friday evening. Hooray!

*frigo = refrigerator


Sara said...

Oh lovely shoes!

autumn, coffee and inspiration

rach_t said...

ha, ooo im sorry but you seem like a doggy hero to me! i hope the owners thought so to!
Hubbys are strange creatures arent they, mine is just the same... always a suprise... not all good lol!
lovely outfit, the skirt is so cheery and those booties are fab.. i have shoe envy over here:D
Rachel xx

g*rated said...

oooh, love that skirt! and how cute that hubby picked the photo shoot spot. :)

Bon Bon said...

you are such a good {dog} samaritan:-) and a fashionable one at that! ummm, and sun dried tomato salmon alfredo sounds fantastic, even with too much salt! xoxo

Shea said...

I think you're a dog-rescuer--you were just looking out for his safety! If I were the owner I'd be grateful! Oh, and I love that skirt, especially with that green necklace!

Cassi said...

Thanks everyone! Actually, the owner was really nice about it. The Husband is the one who keeps making fun of me as a "dognapper." He posted on FB that I stole our neighbor's dog and "dropped it off five miles away." He's a mischief maker, that one :)

Yellow Elm said...

beautiful skirt! and your husband picked a great spot for these shots :)

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