Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Weekend: I Love You

 Sweater: H&M / Jeans, Earrings: AE sale / Boots: TJ Maxx / Necklaces: Maurices / Bracelet: DC Street Market / Glasses: BonLook

Oh, how I love the weekends. Oh, how I love a break from school.  This is my life right now.

Two more weeks till the end of the semester. It can't come fast enough. Two more weeks...

In other news, I shamelessly caved to the promotion of all the cool and popular blogs out there and got a pair of hipster glasses. And I kind of love them. The timing was perfect because the Husband just gave me a new prescription, and Bonlook is having a sale for $10 off your first pair. They also have a really nifty virtual try-on feature that makes it easy to select a pair, and they have free shipping.

I first got glasses in the 2nd grade. A horrid pair of thin purple plastic that covered the entire top two-thirds of my head...Like all the other myopes out there, I recall the amazement that I could see, from the ground, the individual leaves of trees. Even the ones that were far away! That day, I rode home seeing a whole new world of wonder from the back of my dad's pick-up. It was the early 90s...My joy was promptly over the second we got home and my brother made fun of my new 4-eyed look. He had issues being the only boy with 4 sisters.
At that point, my sight wasn't too terrible, so I could get away without wearing them if I sat in the front of the classroom to see the board.  In other words, I sacrificed the privilege to see leaves for the sake of style and went without. These days, I can't even see that the that the board is there. Here's looking at you, -6.25. Actually, I can't see you without you.

For a long time I was quite bitter about my need for myopic correction. Both of my parents, in their 50s now, still see at 20/15. "C'est pas juste!" I whined { In my memories, I whined in French. Makes it seem more pithy. }  And I vividly remember my doctors telling me that eventually my eyes would stop getting worse as I matured and reached adulthood. Whelp, guess I missed that mark...But now that glasses are popular, I suppose I really oughtn't complain anymore, and be glad that I'm not forced to suffer the indecision of whether to pay for spectacles I don't need in the name of accessorizing.

And today, ladies and gents, after boring you with this ridiculous diatribe about my eyes, I'll conclude by admitting that these days I'm grateful for my abnormally long eyeballs. Their habit of continual elongation provides me many an opportunity to keep up with the world of fashionable eye-wear.

Also, it's fun to look at Christmas trees without them. What? You don't keep yours up till Valentine's?

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*C'est pas juste = Ce n'est pas juste = It's not fair!


Simply.Lovely.Things said...

Love the cute!

New follower fomr The Pleated Poppy

Cassi said...

Merci beaucoup, ma belle :)

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