Sunday, December 18, 2011

Little Black Dress

LBD: Target ($10!) / Cardi & Belt: J Crew Factory clearance / Scarf: Bunco win  / Boots: Larsen via 6pm / Tights: Ross layered over Ross / Bracelets: F21, AE / Earrings: Handmade by a friend

I got this dress for $10 on sale at Target, I've been looking for a way to dress it down. I knew just what to do after I won this fabulous scarf, also on sale right now at Target, at Bunco last week { I odds have to be like 80% by this point...I don't know why I've yet to pack up and move to Vegas. Is there a Vegas-equivalent for dice games? }

In other news...Last night, the Husband and I pulled out the memory foam topper for our pull-out couch bed, parked it right in front of our wood-burning stove, and camped out in there for the night. It was heavenly. When you live in the mountains, and it's cold enough to ice-skate on the lake you live by, and you don't heat the house because the cost of enough heating oil for your rather large 40s home with wall to ceiling drafty windows is insane, this makes perfect sense.

The Hound has found this arrangement particularly to her liking.

P.S. Linked up to Clothed Much's last Rule-Breaking Party! Click to see how others break the rules with their LBDs.
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