Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas, in a Chestnut-Shell

Top: Old Navy / Jeans: Guess via Macy's / Boots: Born / Bracelets: Christmas Gift (J Crew) / Watch: Christmas Gift (Fossil) / Scarf: Christmas Gift

*The Hound got to be in the Snow Flake Parade as we chaperoned my school's float. The Husband made her wave to all the kids. They shouted with joy,  trilling "Look, that doggie is waving at me!" She just wanted to lick them. I'm not sure whether Husband or Hound had more fun.

*We roasted plenty of chestnuts while listening to Christmas music. I may be addicted...

*We went to see two of my students debut in our town's musical production of  A Christmas Carol

*We continued to sleep by the warmth of our fire and under the lights of our Christmas tree. Lights per Husband's request, on behalf of his childhood :)

*Then, we headed East to spend the holiday with my family.  First, we stayed with my cousin in DC where we enjoyed PB&J cupcakes while catching up and playing with her baby boy.  PB&J cupcakes. Genius.

*The next day we hit up Dupont Circle, visited a holiday street market and the National Archives, and checked out all the city's sapins de Noël*. First we saw the tree at the capitol, then passed by the White House, and then we met up with my brother and his girlfriend, who'd flown in from Cali, at the National Tree. Oh, Christmas Tree...

*That night we stayed with my uncle and his adorable family in Chesapeake Beach, where we enjoyed playing with our little cousins.  The next morning we walked the Mall and took in the Cosmic Collisions show in the planetarium of the Air and Space Museum before heading to Georgetown. Husband used the show as an opportunity for a nap, which he blamed on the McD's oatmeal we'd had just before. Food comas are his thing.

*We enjoyed loads of festive decorations and lights. The owl tree in the Smithsonian Castle made me want to experience Christmas at Hogwarts. Geek, I know.

*There may also have been some shopping, vintage ogling, and cupcake hunting. Details later! 

*On our way to WV, we stopped to see the lights at the DC Temple, where we were married. Breathtaking. Merveilleux. Incroyable.

*There was a really neat exhibit of nativities from around the world in the visitor's center. The Husband's favorite was one from South Africa, which was made of Coke cans. Big. Surprise. I personally preferred their beaded version.

*Our first stop in WV was Morgantown, our old college town where Scott and I met. There was supposed to be a walk down memory lane, which just so happens to be the tree-lined lane leading to Friendship Hill, our favorite park. But it was raining dreadfully. So instead, there may have been more shopping. At Gabes. Where I found Express liquid leggings for $7. Merry Christmas to me!

*We made our way to OH where we enjoyed Christmas Eve at my sister's house and the boys laughed as the girls took turns shooting her bow. Turns out you need muscle to even pull the darn thing back.

*At home in WV, my mom made our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Cocoa Wheats and toast. Do you know what Cocoa Wheats are? Heavenly, that's what.

*After opening presents, we had Christmas dinner at my Grandpa's with cousins and aunts and uncles and plenty of sweets. Did you catch my sparkly new watch up top? Ha- how could you not with all that smarmsing going on? { If you can smile with your eyes, you can with your arms...} I finally joined the trend after admiring my sister's version from her bf. 

*Despite the fact that we got a wet Christmas, rather than the preferred white, it was a jolly good way to spend the holiday. I hope yours was just as merry and bright!

P.S. I just realized I have no photos with my family. They need to get over their photo aversions. New Years Resolution: Stop taking so many photos of yourself and take a few with others...

*sapins de Noël = Christmas trees


Harija said...

great photos & Happy New Year 2012!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Anonymous said...

You have great style.

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